Can You Keep a Dog In An Apartment

Apartment dogs are becoming very popular since many people live in apartments. Finding the best apartment dog is not a question of whether or not he is a dog that can live in an apartment. It’s rather a question about yourself.

So can you have a dog in your apartment? Most definitely possible. If there’s one dog breed you really like then you don’t need to read this, instead read about the type of dog and learn how to best take care of your dog.

The main traits you’re looking for in an apartment dog is that he doesn’t bark or can be taught not to bark. He has an exercise regimen that is similar to your lifestyle and you want them to get along with people because there’s no back yard you can strap him to and just forget about him so long as you have guests.

What apartment dog should I get

You can easily find a list with the “best apartment dogs” but that doesn’t mean that if a Chow Chow is not on the list you can’t keep a Chow Chow apartment dog. In order to keep a dog in an apartment and not have him chewing everything and scratching all the walls is to provide him with enough exercise.

For your dog an apartment is like a hutch. If you have a yard then it’s only a larger enclosure. If your dog is in a yard you’re only rattling his cage by letting him see what’s out there but never letting him go there. The trick is that dogs have upheld the instinct to migrate.

Therefore every dog breed needs his daily walk. But higher energy dogs need a little more than a daily walk. Every dog can live in an apartment as long as you provide him with the right kind of exercise. Only providing physical exercise like tossing a stick or a ball is not going to drain him of mental energy.

How to exercise your dog in an apartment

There is a subtle difference that makes all the difference for the dog and none at all for the dog owner. Walking your dog is a very specific exercise that, if done improperly, will not be beneficial for neither you or your dog.

What you need to do is called heeling. When people are walking their dogs they usually let them run around wherever they wish while keeping them on a leash. But think how the dog perceives this. In the animal world the first to go is the leader. The alpha.

Hence your dog is leading you (in his perception). Thus he is tasked with the stressful activity of being your alpha. The next time you walk your dog consider who walks out the door first and how many times he tries to go somewhere you don’t want him to.

Take care to heel him on the lead. It’s you who is in control, not the dog. Once you learn how to properly walk your dog you can start to jog with him using the same principle. If you’re leading the dog he doesn’t care about where you’re going because he trusts you with that decision. So he will be relaxed with following you wherever you decide to go.

So you see, even if you keep a high energy dog like a Golden Retriever in an apartment it’s still possible to keep him content. It makes no difference whether you have a yard as long as you properly take care of him. In essence, all types of dogs can be kept as apartment dogs.


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