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Kinds of Dogs

Everyone knows there are many kinds of dogs out there. So when considering a new pet one would have to go through all of them to make an adequate decision. Then you would have to see if you can actually find the dog you’re looking for. Then you have to see if he’s healthy and [...]

What Type of Dog Should I Get

So you’re past the problem of choosing whether or not you want a dog. If you decided the time is right then all you need to do now is figure out what type of dog is best for you. This is quite a tricky business as there are many factors you should consider. Start by [...]

Types of Dogs – A Glance at the Top 25 Popular Dog Breeds

Canines are categorized into different types of dogs based on what they do. Want to see what breeds adapt best to living in an apartment? Or maybe you’re interested in guard dogs. Each of these categories include dozens of breeds. Some may overlap and you will find that one breed can be good at many [...]