Choosing an Adult Dog Instead of a Puppy

Adult Dog

You’ve decided that you’re not prepared to train and raise a puppy, but you still want the dog. An older puppy, even a mature dog is a great alternative. Many dog breeds are highly adaptable but you have to check for this first before you consider this option.

There are plenty of reasons why older dogs are available. Sometimes breeders hold on to a puppy to determine his breeding potential. Other times someone else had to part with his dog and he was returned to [...] More about: Choosing an Adult Dog Instead of a Puppy


Choosing your New Puppy

Puppies From The Same Litter

Once you have chosen a respectable breeder that you can trust it’s time to choose the right puppy. Please be aware that you probably won’t get your puppy immediately. You may have to wait even months for the right litter but it’ll be well worth it.

Sometimes you can be fortunate and have several litters available at the same time. You can compare puppies and their parents and you have a wider range to choose from. It’s possible you will be asked to put a [...] More about: Choosing your New Puppy


Choosing a Respectable Breeder

Choose The Right Dog Breeder

One of the most important steps in choosing your new dog is finding a respectable breeder you can trust. It’s impossible for you to determine accurately how a puppy will grow to be when he reaches adulthood. Therefore you have to put your trust in the person from whom you’re buying a dog.

If you haven’t yet I suggest you first read what to consider before buying a dog. Otherwise what good will choosing a breeder do if you don’t know which breed you want? [...] More about: Choosing a Respectable Breeder


What to Consider Before Buying a Dog

Which Dog Breed Is Best For You

Before you go into things such as: what price you should expect, who to buy from, whether you should buy a puppy or older dog and what sort of health problems can your dog have and so on first you have to consider why do you want to go buying a dog.

If this is your first time getting a dog then don’t worry too much about shows, rule changes, standard changes and the like. Instead focus on the very basics: what kind of lifestyle [...] More about: What to Consider Before Buying a Dog