Greyhound – No Barking, Good With People, Lazy and Low Maintenance, Perfect Apartment Dogs

The Greyhound can be traced back as far as 8000 years. He is regarded as the ancestor of all domestic dogs. The Greyhound is a tall, slim dog with a long, narrow head. He has short ears which are held back and folded. His dark eyes betray an intelligent look.

The Greyhound is often misunderstood. He is reserved towards strangers and sometimes even towards their owner, so their character is often times undervalued and misappreciated. They are sensitive dogs, devoted and intelligent, relaxed but energetic.

Greyhounds are good apartment dogs for several reasons: they don’t bark much, they are good with people and animals, they’re fairly inactive indoors and they have low maintenance requirements.

Sensitive to tone of voice and mood changes, the Greyhound is tricky to say the least

Greyhounds are sensitive to tone of voice and if they sense their will is stronger than the owners they will not listen to you. But they don’t react well to harsh discipline either. So raising a Greyhound successfully is sensitive business.

You need to be calm but firm, you must never lash out at him but you need an air of authority. Timidity can be a problem, so be sure to socialize them well during puppyhood.

Greyhounds have a strong natural prey drive, and overwhelming chasing instincts. Never leave them off leash, unless they’re in a secure area, such as your house. They are extremely fast and can catch even cats given the opportunity. But they can be trained to leave your cats, and other pets, alone.

They are naturally good with children and other dogs, so it shouldn’t have any problems in this respect. They are constantly on the lookout for a playmate, and even young children are game. They bond strongly with their pack.

How Greyhounds adapt to apartment life

They adapt alright to apartments, but they should be given plenty of chances to run around in a safe, enclosed area. As far as exercise goes, they need regular opportunities to just run around as well as daily walks or jogs.

Whenever you’re out walking your dog make sure to make him heel. You must establish yourself as the pack leader. This way the dog can relax because he trusts you to lead the way and you can relax because he’s not pulling on the leash all the time.

They are sensitive to cold climates and require a coat or cloth to withstand cold temperatures. Always keep them on a leash if you’re out because if they run away you won’t be able to catch them.

They can live up to 12 years, they love routine in everything they do: playtime, training time, feeding time and grooming time. Speaking of feeding, make sure you feed them two or three smaller meals every day instead of one large one because they’re prone to bloating.

As far as grooming goes they have a short haired coat that would be fine with grooming every other day. Simply use a firm brush and comb their hair. They only require occasional bathing and are average shedders.

The Greyhound is not a high maintenance dog, it doesn’t require a lot of special care and is a pleasure to watch running. If they’re shy tendency is resolved they are great apartment dogs.

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