How to Keep Your Pomeranian Out of Trouble

Unlike other types of dogs, toy dogs require special attention, and this is besides the normal coat caring, nail trimming and bathing. This is because they can get in trouble in seemingly normal circumstances.

Most of this is common sense, you look at a Pomeranian and you already know you shouldn’t let him fight other dogs. Nevertheless, these warnings are here to ensure you know exactly what to expect so you are never surprised and always in control.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you don’t know what to do; try to extract yourself and your dog from the situation as quickly as possible. Without further ado, the compendium of how to handle a small dog wisely begins.

How to handle a Pomeranian

The most important aspect is the size of the Pomeranian. Being such a small dog, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you’re not careful. First and foremost, never leave your dog alone with children.

You may be completely confident in his abilities, but you never know what your small kids will do and how your dog will react to it. Bottom line, it’s dangerous to leave them alone and unsupervised.

Pomeranians are brusquely unaware of their small size, and they have an ironically tough guy nature that can start fights that they will surely lose. So always keep Pomeranians on a leash and avoid confrontations.

You wouldn’t think it, but these small and cute dogs are often the item of choice of thieves, and if you leave them unattended there’s quite a high probability that this will happen to you.

Make sure you don’t leave your dog locked in the car on a hot day. As you well know, canines have trouble dealing with high temperature, and the car can heat up to deadly levels in a matter of minutes.

Pomeranian Ball of Fur PuppyLike most toy dogs, Pomeranians can develop patella luxation, which is a condition of the knee in hind legs. This and broken legs are fairly common, but you can avoid them by discouraging jumping from amazing heights.

The equivalent of amazing heights for a Pomeranian is jumping off the couch. You must remember that Pomeranians are not cats, and even if they land on their feet they’re probably not going to be ok.

Another problem is with the veterinarian. Since the Pomeranian is a very small ball of fur it’s very easy to overdose one. Make sure your veterinarian knows what he’s doing beforehand.

If you have a competent veterinarian and a devoted breeder that can help you out you’re well on your way to having a long and happy life with your Pomeranian.

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