Non-shedding, Well Behaved Maltese Fur Ball Apartment Dog

The Maltese is known as the oldest toy breed in Europe. The breed was favored by high end people such as nobles, aristocrats and royalty. As such, the dog is supposed to be at least as royal as the person owning him. And indeed they are characterized by good manners, graceful display and royal qualities.

The Maltese stands 10 inches tall at most and weighs up to 7 pounds. He is a tried-and-true toy dog. They are always white, with silky, long hair that is the trademark of the breed.

While in the past they have been favored by nobles that doesn’t mean only nobles should have one today. Anyone who wants a cuddly little ball of white fur with small, dark eyes and elegant pose should look for a Maltese.

The character and temperament of the Maltese breed

Just like a 17th century noble would be, the Maltese is intelligent and lively, happy and social and loves to be in the center of attention. For this reason they are great show dogs.

The Maltese is an obedient dog sprinkled by a gentle personality and is trusting towards his family. He wants you to be in his show, where he is the main character to be cuddled and played with. He will tolerate other people but they like to bond strongly with only one person.

They can also tolerate children but boisterous kids can easily hurt him. If they’re left alone for long periods of time they will become frustrated and will act out by their instincts. Separation anxiety is the big deal with these dogs.

They are decent watchdogs but can become overprotective of their family and their territory and will get in trouble easily if left unchecked. It’s worth noting that they commit fully to their relationship and will not let anything stand in its way.

Is the Maltese suitable for apartment life?

To put it simply you’re looking at a non-shedding, well behaved dog, with moderate exercise requirements who will have difficulty housebreaking and can’t be left alone for too long. Overall, the best life for them would be apartment life, as he doesn’t need much exercise, where you can almost constantly provide him with human companionship.

You will probably have a difficult housebreaking time, so you might want to try crate training. Also make sure to socialize him well and early, because you don’t want them to become shy. Since they don’t shed your furniture will be very happy.

Their long, silky, kingly coat is a flashing white, straight hair coat. It requires daily brushing and combing, otherwise it will mat sooner than you think. Their hair is very soft so if you should handle it with gentle care. They also need to be bathed regularly.

Training a Maltese to perform tricks

Maltese BreedThe dog is calm while training, and is anxious to please. Training should start as early as 10 weeks, and with their obedient nature you can look forward to the well mannered behavior we’ve been talking about.

That also adept at performing tricks and love to do so in the company of people. Expect to impress your friends over and over again with his fun repertoire of tricks.

As I said before you can expect some troubles with housebreaking so make sure your patient and clear about what you want from the dog.

The Maltese is a noble toy dog breed famous for their long, silky coat that is a joy to watch and a pleasure to play with. They are great apartments though they somewhat prefer single people.

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