Playful, Low Maintenance Puggle Is a Great Choice for Apartment Living

The Puggle is a mixed bred dog created by mating a Pug and a Beagle. This is a fairly new breed, originating in the 1980s. But it wasn’t until 2005 that Puggle became popular among families. Much of his popularity can be linked to news reports and articles written about. Right now he’s probably the most popular mixed bred dog.

The Puggle is quite a small dog but certainly not at the level of a Chihuahua, for example. They can weigh up to 30 pounds and stand as high as 15 inches tall. However they are still considered lapdogs, interestingly enough.

The trademark thing about mixed bred dogs is the variety in characteristics you can get. Some Puggles have larger head, while others have thin, small heads. However this variance can only occur in a first-generation Puggle.

What is the Puggles temperament and general demeanor?

A Glass Of PuggleThese dogs are very playful and energetic, they immediately to bond with you and then can’t get enough of your company. They are great, sweet and affectionate companions who will likely follow you around the house with the single-minded purpose of spending time with you.

They are also curious little dogs and they like to discover new things the way the baby does – with their mouth. He also inherits the Beagles great sense of smell and his “track every scent” philosophy.

Puggles are incredibly social dogs. They’re friendly towards everybody. They’ll hang out with new dogs, people as well as children, teenagers or seniors. They’re also great with other Puggles. You will be flummoxed by how easy going and casual they are about meeting strangers.

Puggles and apartments, can it happen?

Puggle PuppyIt can, and it will. Puggles are great apartment dogs. As far as maintenance goes you’re not going to have much of a headache with these guys. Their coat is very easy to care for – the hair is short and he requires minimal grooming.

In fact brushing him once a week will usually be enough, but if you find excess hair on your clothes go ahead and do it a little more often. Bathing him once a month is more than enough as too much will make his skin dry.

An important aspect is brushing their teeth regularly to prevent plaque buildup. They needs a good half hour daily walk and walking is a great way to release energy for the Puggle.

They like to have an area in which they can play and run around. This can either be the park or some friends yard. It will be greatly beneficial to his behavior and well-being to ensure he gets his playtime.

Puggle training, barking and howling habits

The Puggle is fairly easy to train. But they’re not pleasing oriented. They don’t live to please you, so you have to treat them with treats. They are fairly intelligent and can learn all the basic commands, from sit to roll over and fetch.

More advanced commands are possible, but require additional training and a little bit of patience to achieve. Housebreaking can be challenging but if you keep up the reward and repetition routine he’ll soon behave like a natural.

Puggles bark like any other dog. Some are quiet, some are noisy, the interesting thing is that they may also howl. They get that from their good old buddies the Beagles.

If you’re looking for an adorable little dog whose game whenever you want to play and requires almost no maintenance from your part then the Puggle is a natural choice for you.

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