Robust, Bold and Brave Rottweiler Doesn’t Mind Living in an Apartment

The Bold and brave Rottweiler won’t mind living in an apartment. Sturdy dogs, powerful and confident they’re not usually lazy. Rottweilers are very energetic, they love to tag along on a morning jog or walk, however they are calm and laid-back.

They’ll get bored when there isn’t enough activity and human attention to go around. Now you don’t want a Rottweiler to get bored because he’ll become destructive and he is very powerful. They will obliterate your shoes, rip your curtains, scratch your walls and much more if you choose to neglect them.

The size and temperatment of the Rottweiler

Rottweiler With CatA common complaint is their challenging attitude. They are massive, bold dogs that will challenge your authority if you give them reason to. They respect their handler if he is firm and confident. So long as you stay on top of their obedience and training it’s going to be a cakewalk to keep them in line.

Because they love to please. This is the best activity for them. They respond to commands eagerly and will gladly take on any challenging tasks. Agility games and obedience training are great.

Their temperament can make them hostile towards other dogs, so it’s a good idea to keep them on a leash whenever you’re in public. However the Rottweiler doesn’t have a confrontational temperament when raised right. In fact he’s very loyal and affectionate. He loves his family and hates to see it unhappy.

Can your Rottweiler live in an apartment with you?

Rottweilers are fairly inactive indoors. Keeping him in an apartment is fine as long as you don’t leave him alone stuck inside for several hours. Lack of human interaction┬áis what will turn a lovable pet into a destructive, unbearable problem.

They need obedience training, there’s just no skipping it. It will establish you as their pack leader and will create a much stronger relationship between you and your dog.

RottweilerPlaying fetch, running beside a bicycle and swimming are this dog’s favorite activities. Obviously you can’t make him do that in an apartment, but if you take him out to play regularly he doesn’t mind small space.

One problem you might run into is the dogs natural protective instinct. He is a born watchdog. In a yard all he needs to do is sit there and no intruders will likely try to set foot in your yard. However in an apartment barking can become and issue. You can and should fix this through obedience training.

Taking care of your dog: Rottweiler maintenance

The Rottweiler requires minimal grooming. He is an average shedder but he hardly needs more grooming even then. Use a bristle brush to occasionally groom their glossy coat. Their hair is short and is easy to wash and wipe with a towel.

Another form of maintenance is obviously his daily activity. Besides a long daily walk he will also need games and exercise regularly. Rottweilers like cooler climates more than hot weather. They can even stay outside in the winter provide they have a shelter they can use as refuge.

They are prone to a variety of health problems such as elbow dysplasia, osteosarcoma and gastric torsion. For this reason their life span is quite short, only between 8-11 years. It’s recommended you give him hip and elbow, cardiac and blood tests annually.

The Rottweiler is the perfect dog for experienced handlers, people into sports, Alpha personalities and people who love to spend time outdoors. Loving types of dogs, calm yet energetic and strong but laid back and chill.

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