Sit and Stay are Must Have Commands For Your Shiba Inu

Now that you can consistently catch your Shiba Inu’s attention it’s time to start adding some basic obedience to it. Further down the road we’ll add some tricks as well, but obedience commands are much more important.

In this article we’re going to tackle the sit and stay commands which are quite important and open up a large array of other games you can start teaching your dog. You’ve already used stay to keep your Shiba Inu at the other end of an open tunnel.

During training don’t ever punish your dog, insist on negativity or use a bad tone. Bad tone is one of the more subtle distractions that dogs instictively react to, so pay attention to that. If you get frustrated just take a break.

Also, keep training sessions short, fun and upbeat. Always end on a positive note with a trick or command you know he will obey correctly. Reinforce the correct behavior. If he doesn’t do what you want, simply ignore him.

Finally, remember that Shiba Inus are very active dogs and you are best served to tire him out first with some playtime. Otherwise it’ll be very hard to calm him down if he’s all hyped up to play.

Teach your Shiba Inu to Sit

Teaching this command is so easy I’m ashamed to mention it. But when I first started out I had no idea what I was doing. Besides, simple is best, so here it is. Start with your dog standing right in front of you. You can use Watch me to catch his attention.

Grab a treat and hold it right above his nose. As he moves up to get it move it farther up between his ears. The higher you get it the lower his rear has to go if he’s to be able to reach it. Use this to your advantage. This is the simple most natural way to teach a dog to sit, and Shiba Inus make no exception.

As his body naturally goes into a sit position say “Good Sit” and give him the reward while he’s still in the sit stance. If your dog doesn’t go into the desired position, is turning around or simply doing something else slow it down. Also, you might be holding the treat a little too high. It’s ok if he can actually touch it, just don’t give it to him until he is sitting.

Now, you never need to touch your Shiba to do this trick. And you must never push down on his back. It can injure his hips and back. Don’t pinch him or push him in any way. There’s no need to force anything, just let the treat do the work for you, nice and easy.

Now you can move on to Stay, you need Sit for this to work

You Shiba Inu won’t simply stand still if you say Stay, you need to convince him it’s a good thing to do. The main reason you teach him stay in a sit position as opposed to a standing position is because he’s a lot less comfortable standing. So he will start moving a lot quicker than he would from the comfy Sit.

If you’re at the grocery and you can’t bring your dog inside an even better position to leave him is down, that’s a position he can stay in for hours. But I digress.

To teach him how to stay, Tell him to sit and take a small step back while saying “Stay”. While he’s still sitting reward him. If he stands then you just don’t reward him. Remember, he can only learn to stay for a minute after he’s learnt to stay for one second.

Once he consistently stays while you move one step back start extending the time it takes for you to reward him. Eventually you want to work to a full minute stay while you walk around the room. The main point is to keep things happy, you’re not punishing him by making him stay in one spot, you’re actually playing a game together.

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