Stop Your Dog Barking Now, Or You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Before you do anything to take care of this problem you want to find out why your dog is barking. You can check figure out why your dog is barking excessively┬áto see the most common reasons as well as whether you’ve been unconsciously reinforcing this habit.

We’re going to take a look at some techniques which are applicable no matter why your dog is barking. The following scenarios are just to give you an idea of how they’re supposed to work. Whichever method you decide to use understand that you have to be a little patient to see results.

The phone rings and your dog goes out of control

Many dogs bark when they hear the phone ring. The phone ringing is usually an event in the house. It deserves attention. Here are a few ideas to keep him under control:

1.Don’t yell at your dog and don’t give him any form of attention.

2.Get him used to the phone ringing. Dial your number from your cell and let it ring. Don’t say or do anything, just completely ignore it. Your dog will keep barking for a few days but pretty soon he’ll figure out it’s not actually a big deal so he’ll drop it.

3.Establish yourself as the pack leader through obedience training. If you did obedience training in the past this behavior shouldn’t even come up. The “quiet” and “stop” commands are staple obedience commands. Through obedience training you are establishing yourself as the pack leader and the dog will want to please you at all times. Use your power.

Your dog gets separation anxiety so he goes mad

Another time you can expect your dog to bark a lot is when you’re not home. Dogs are sociable and can become frustrated if they’re left alone. Here’s what you can do:

1.Make sure your dog is happy. Keep him well exercised, provide fresh water, toys and a nice place to sleep. You might want to prohibit access to a view outside as passers-by are another common cause for barking which we will address in a moment.

2.If you know he’s been barking you must ignore him when you first come home. In the dog’s mind you came home because he was barking, effectively reinforcing his behavior. Ignore him for a little while and when he settles down initiate contact.

3.Create negative association with barking and positive reinforcement when staying quiet. To do this you’ll have to fake going away. Leave the house normally but just go hide somewhere nearby. When the dog starts barking spray him with water or throw some coins at him. Keep out of sight when doing this. Go out again a little later and if he’s quiet for awhile go back inside and praise him for good behavior. This is a very effective strategy.

Barking at passers by all night long, and then some

Barking at passers by is incredibly common with most dog breeds. And very difficult to deal with, too. Simply because the dog is barking to thwart the threat. And since the person will just walk by the dog is happy that he has averted the threat. So he will promptly do it again, and again, and again. Here’s what you can do:

1.Out of sight is out of mind. Obviously if he can’t see them he won’t know they’re there.

2.Of course you can’t shield him from everyone, so sooner or later it’s going to happen. When it does try giving him an incompatible command. Such as fetch. If he’s carrying a ball in his mouth he can’t possibly bark with it. If he drops the ball to bark, firmly, but gently, discipline him.

3.Finally you can try getting help from other people. Ask your postman to carry some of your dog’s favorite treats with him and when he comes by they can give your dog a tasty treat. This will shift him from being a stranger to a welcome guest. It might also be a good idea to ask random people to do the same. Explain that you’re trying to stop your dog from randomly barking at people and that you need their help. Most people will want to help you for the sheer fun of it.

With a sprinkle of patience and some well-thought out behavioral patterns you can stop excessive barking and rid yourself of this pesky problem.

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