How Many Types of Terrier Dogs are There

Boston Terrier

Terriers are types of dogs that belong to any of the breeds included in the terrier type. Terriers are divided into categories based on size and job. There are 3 general types of terrier dogs and each of these groups have several composing dog breeds.

Terriers are normally small, very active and brave dogs. However the breeds vary in size from 2 pounds to over 70 pounds. Terriers are very popular dogs because they also vary in other characteristics such coat styles from smooth coated [...] More about: How Many Types of Terrier Dogs are There


What are the Different Types of Boxer Dogs


Boxers are robust types of dogs. They have a directly proportionate head compared with their body, strong jaws with an under-bite and a short muzzle. Generally their eyes are a dark, shiny brown. Their ears are normally left natural and they lay forward close to the head.

Boxers should have a strong neck without a dewlap. their legs muscular and should be parallel. The tail gets a bit of play as the AKC penalizes natural tail, while Europe is keen on prohibiting tail cropping. The [...] More about: What are the Different Types of Boxer Dogs


What Are Good Apartment Dog Breeds


One of the popular myths about keeping apartment dogs is that only small dogs can withstand the scrutiny of small spaces. Things couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ve probably seen dozens of dog owners who own small types of dogs that just can’t seem to stop barking.

If you’re going to get an apartment dog you better make sure he doesn’t bark too much. If he does you’ll not only be frustrated yourself, but your neighbors will probably kick you out as well. In [...] More about: What Are Good Apartment Dog Breeds


Can You Keep a Dog In An Apartment


Apartment dogs are becoming very popular since many people live in apartments. Finding the best apartment dog is not a question of whether or not he is a dog that can live in an apartment. It’s rather a question about yourself.

So can you have a dog in your apartment? Most definitely possible. If there’s one dog breed you really like then you don’t need to read this, instead read about the type of dog and learn how to best take care of your dog.

[...] More about: Can You Keep a Dog In An Apartment


Types of Small Dogs


We like types of small dogs because they are cute, cuddly and especially, fun. These types of dogs are able to make us laugh in any circumstance by performing one of their tricks or by playing silly. Small dogs are easier to walk, to play with and overall don’t require as much maintenance as a bigger dog type.

A good thing for all the families out there, small dogs, like most dogs, love to play with children. The fact that their size minimizes the probability [...] More about: Types of Small Dogs


Types of Dogs – A Glance at the Top 25 Popular Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever Type of Dog

Canines are categorized into different types of dogs based on what they do. Want to see what breeds adapt best to living in an apartment?

Maybe you’re interested in guard dogs. Each of these categories include dozens of breeds. Regardless, you should always listen to what you want.

Some may overlap and you will find that one breed can be good at many things. However most of these breeds are not very well known. Let’s talk about the most popular:

Labrador Retriever

Originating from Canada, [...] More about: Types of Dogs – A Glance at the Top 25 Popular Dog Breeds