Golden Retriever Approved Breed Standard

Golden Retriever

The American Kennel Club has, since 1990, approved a revised standard for Golden Retrievers submitted by the Golden Retriever Club of America. This standard is to be followed thoroughly by all official breeders. In fact, it’s impossible to register a Golden Retriever with the AKC unless he meets the breed standard.

The Golden Retriever’s general appearance is that of a powerful, well sized dog. He should be symmetrical and well proportioned. The Golden retriever is primarily a hunting dog, he is hard-working and adaptable to [...] More about: Golden Retriever Approved Breed Standard


12 Different Types of Dogs – What You Should Know

Different Types of Dogs

Around the world dogs are performing a variety of tasks that show how intelligent and varied they really are. There are roughly a dozen common types of dogs I’m going to talk about because other types are either somewhat included in the chosen topics or are not of particular interest for people looking to buy a pet.

Sporting dogs or show dogs are examples of such types. The truth is, most dogs have been bred with some specific activity in mind. Only today people have [...] More about: 12 Different Types of Dogs – What You Should Know