What Are Good Apartment Dog Breeds


One of the popular myths about keeping apartment dogs is that only small dogs can withstand the scrutiny of small spaces. Things couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ve probably seen dozens of dog owners who own small types of dogs that just can’t seem to stop barking.

If you’re going to get an apartment dog you better make sure he doesn’t bark too much. If he does you’ll not only be frustrated yourself, but your neighbors will probably kick you out as well. In [...] More about: What Are Good Apartment Dog Breeds


Kinds of Dogs


Everyone knows there are many kinds of dogs out there. So when considering a new pet one would have to go through all of them to make an adequate decision. Then you would have to see if you can actually find the dog you’re looking for. Then you have to see if he’s healthy and comes from a good background.

It’s not an easy job to choose a new pet. Fortunately there are different kinds of dogs by way of the role they fulfill. The [...] More about: Kinds of Dogs