What Are Lap Dogs and Why Should I Get One


Lap dogs are generally small dogs. Some lap dogs have been bred for extremely small size, such as the Russian lap dog albeit extinct. Most lap dogs have a normal sized counterpart yet they show unmistakeable differences. The skull is normally the approximate size of a tennis ball, usually with a small muzzle.

Many lap dogs are bred to maintain puppy traits such as folded ears. There’s also a difference in body size. Shorter legs and larger heads in proportion to their bigger counterparts. In [...] More about: What Are Lap Dogs and Why Should I Get One


Types of Small Dogs


We like types of small dogs because they are cute, cuddly and especially, fun. These types of dogs are able to make us laugh in any circumstance by performing one of their tricks or by playing silly. Small dogs are easier to walk, to play with and overall don’t require as much maintenance as a bigger dog type.

A good thing for all the families out there, small dogs, like most dogs, love to play with children. The fact that their size minimizes the probability [...] More about: Types of Small Dogs