12 Different Types of Dogs – What You Should Know

Different Types of Dogs

Around the world dogs are performing a variety of tasks that show how intelligent and varied they really are. There are roughly a dozen common types of dogs I’m going to talk about because other types are either somewhat included in the chosen topics or are not of particular interest for people looking to buy a pet.

Sporting dogs or show dogs are examples of such types. The truth is, most dogs have been bred with some specific activity in mind. Only today people have [...] More about: 12 Different Types of Dogs – What You Should Know


Truth About Allergies Caused by Certain Types of Dogs

Hypoallergenic Airedale Terrier

Have you ever wondered why when you walk past your neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier you sneeze like there’s no tomorrow yet your own Golden Retriever never caused you one sneeze?

Allergies towards different types of dogs are very common. In fact an allergic reaction is caused by an overreacting response of the immune system. That is, the body considers a common antigen to be a parasitic infection and reacts accordingly. An allergic reaction is in fact an exaggerated response by your body.

So how is this [...] More about: Truth About Allergies Caused by Certain Types of Dogs


How Many Types of Terrier Dogs are There

Boston Terrier

Terriers are types of dogs that belong to any of the breeds included in the terrier type. Terriers are divided into categories based on size and job. There are 3 general types of terrier dogs and each of these groups have several composing dog breeds.

Terriers are normally small, very active and brave dogs. However the breeds vary in size from 2 pounds to over 70 pounds. Terriers are very popular dogs because they also vary in other characteristics such coat styles from smooth coated [...] More about: How Many Types of Terrier Dogs are There


What are the Best Types of Dogs For You


You might be wondering what types of dogs make the best pets. Well the answer isn’t very simple, it all depends on you. Whether you’re living in a house with a yard or an apartment, whether or not you have a park nearby. How much time do you want to spend with your dog.

What size do you prefer, in a dog. Do you want a low-shedding dog, do you have children. All of these things are crucial when selecting what are the best types [...] More about: What are the Best Types of Dogs For You


What Types of Bull Dogs are There

Bulldog breeds include over a dozen types of dogs. Their origins are from the Bull and Mastiff types of dogs, though exactly where and how is unclear.

The modern breeds are all in close relationship with the original characteristics of the oldest bulldogs. Bulldogs are quite hard to raise and many people underestimate this challenge.

The breed is quite popular and it’s distinctive look will make people instantly recognize your dog wherever you are. They are fun if you can raise them right.

How many [...] More about: What Types of Bull Dogs are There


What are the Different Types of Boxer Dogs


Boxers are robust types of dogs. They have a directly proportionate head compared with their body, strong jaws with an under-bite and a short muzzle. Generally their eyes are a dark, shiny brown. Their ears are normally left natural and they lay forward close to the head.

Boxers should have a strong neck without a dewlap. their legs muscular and should be parallel. The tail gets a bit of play as the AKC penalizes natural tail, while Europe is keen on prohibiting tail cropping. The [...] More about: What are the Different Types of Boxer Dogs


Are American Bulldogs Good Apartment Dogs


There are three recognized American Bulldog types of dogs. They are generally referred to as Classic, Performance and Hybrid types. The American Bulldog descends from a working type of bulldog common in farms along the Midwestern part of the United States.

They are great apartment dogs for people who are willing to take time for a lengthy daily walk. And who don’t want a big shedder around. Also, American Bulldogs are affectionate types of dogs and behave well around children and other animals.

The American [...] More about: Are American Bulldogs Good Apartment Dogs


What Are Good Apartment Dog Breeds


One of the popular myths about keeping apartment dogs is that only small dogs can withstand the scrutiny of small spaces. Things couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ve probably seen dozens of dog owners who own small types of dogs that just can’t seem to stop barking.

If you’re going to get an apartment dog you better make sure he doesn’t bark too much. If he does you’ll not only be frustrated yourself, but your neighbors will probably kick you out as well. In [...] More about: What Are Good Apartment Dog Breeds


How to Train a Dog to Live In An Apartment

German Shorthaired Pointer

Having an apartment dog is not that unachievable when you know what you’re doing. Using proper exercise techniques and knowing what to do as well as what not to do will make adjusting your dog to his new home a cake walk. Dogs can live in an apartment as long as their exercise needs are properly taken care of.

Living in an apartment constricts you from a back yard and sometimes even from a nearby park. This limits your doggy exercise activities to walking, maybe [...] More about: How to Train a Dog to Live In An Apartment


Can You Keep a Dog In An Apartment


Apartment dogs are becoming very popular since many people live in apartments. Finding the best apartment dog is not a question of whether or not he is a dog that can live in an apartment. It’s rather a question about yourself.

So can you have a dog in your apartment? Most definitely possible. If there’s one dog breed you really like then you don’t need to read this, instead read about the type of dog and learn how to best take care of your dog.

[...] More about: Can You Keep a Dog In An Apartment