Teach Your Chihuahua Good Leash Manners

Going out for a walk gives you the excitement and dynamic of a wolf pack. Of course, your Chihuahua is no wolf, but you could consider him to be a scaled-down version of a wolf, with less fur and duller teeth. But anyway, the idea is that you’re travelling as a pack to see what’s up.

There’s a lot of focus put on the importance of a daily walk for your dog, yet little emphasis is placed on why. To really get a grasp of the implications you need to start thinking less human, more dog.

Of course, you know there’s no danger. You live in a city where there are no wolves, you don’t need to hunt for anything, shelter is provided, and you basically have all your basic needs fulfilled. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Going out for a walk with your Chihuahua

But for your dog it’s a different story. He doesn’t have the same long-term awareness you have, and his most busy thoughts are about food, playtime and his loved ones.

When he’s out on a walk with you that’s all he thinks about. What’s that smell? Should I be scared? I’m fine, he’s here protecting me. Maybe we can find something to eat.

This activity is a lot more fun if you participate. If the dog pulls on the leash he doesn’t get that you are participating. If he would he’d gladly stay by your side waiting patiently to see where you’re headed next.

Teaching your Chihuahua good loose leash manners

Some people think it’s impossible to control a Chihuahua (yeah). Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash is easy. Get a buckle, a leash and get out there. Here’s what you do. Pick a command name for starting to walk and start walking.

The instant the leash gets tight turn the other way and say the command again. He’ll have to follow you and he might jump ahead and start pulling again. As the leash gets tight again turn the other way and say the command word.

Keep repeating until he stops pulling. The moment he’s walking on a loose leash give him a small treat and praise him for being so clever. It’s easy; if he pulls he doesn’t get to go where he wants.

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