Tracking is an Excellent Game For Your Chihuahua

There are plenty of nose games around and you can teach your Chihuahua to find items, people, your keys, you and many more. They are more or less variations on the same theme, you teach him to find stuff using his nose.

The aforementioned games are all air scent games, that is, the dog puts his head up, takes a sniff and looks for something specific. Outdoors trailing involves a different kind of scent tracking.

Tracking is right up there at the top of the most useful skills a dog can have. Tracking is used to find lost people, food and track down criminals. Of course, you’re not going to teach your Chihuahua to catch criminals, but that doesn’t deprive you of having fun tracking.

How to teach your Chihuahua basic tracking

First of all get a harness for your dog. In this activity you’re going to let him lead you so you want him to have freedom and not choke himself to incapacitation. Now all you need to do is set a trail in a certain way and place a big jackpot at the end, just like in Tom and Jerry.

Now get yourself on some flat ground where there isn’t much traffic. If you’re in a crowded park your dog will be confused by all the smells hovering around. You might find out that other animals are interested in the “trail” you’re going to set out. To get around this problem you could try using dehydrated lamb lung treats as they seem to be ignored by bugs and the like, but still attract your Chihuahua.

Either tie your dog or have someone else hold him for you while you lay down the trail. Place a treat in front of one of your feet’s toes. Now take a baby step and place another treat at the toe-tip. Repeat until you’ve placed around 10 treats, at the end having a big jackpot glove with plenty of yummy treats.

Now put your dog at the start of the track and tell him the command word. If he has trouble just point the first treat out to him. When he puts his nose down, you get ready for some action. In no time he’s going to reach the glove. Praise him and play with him, giving him the glove full of yummy treats (you remembered to be generous, right?).

From here on out you can start making the track longer, adding turns and if you’re serious about it you can teach him to follow mile-long trails. One thing to look out for, since his nose is in the ground, so will his eyes be. You can purchase some doggy goggles to help protect your Chihuahua’s eyes. The most well known brand is Doggles, you can check them out if you want to protect your dog.

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