Why Labrador Retrievers are Popular Apartment Dogs

Labrador Retrievers are not exactly your typical household pet. Most people want some kind of dog that can be left alone for at least a few hours every day, and doesn’t require too much involvement on their part. If you’re that kind of person, well, the Labrador is not going to agree with you.

They are highly energetic dogs. They are always ready to rumble into a jog or an endless game of fetch. If anything it’s you who’s going to be tired after playtime, even though all you need to do is stand somewhere and throw a stick.

Labs are also very good at long trips such as a hike. In fact they are widely preferred by runners, hikers and campers because of their outgoing nature and heir limitless energy. Furthermore they behave well among strangers and develop bonds with other people quickly.

Attention and activity, the two things a Labrador truly needs

This dog is high-maintenance stuff. If you don’t keep him entertained he will likely explode from too much energy. He is not a good dog for lazy people, or for people who don’t have time and energy to play with him and he has a lofty attitude.

The Labrador is the perfect pet if you’re an outgoing runner, biker or sportsman. He has a natural affinity towards retrieving things. This is why playing fetch is such a common activity for this dog.

They are very affectionate and love to be in the center of attention. They are not aggresive or territorial and behave well on family occasions. They have an easygoing attitude and are understanding about respecting your space.

Bonding with your Labrador Retriever through training

Training is a great bonding experience for you and your dog. It provides many essential things and is an excellent activity to try. First of all when you’re training your dog he is getting your complete attention. Since Labradors are all about attention this is obviously a good idea.

Second of all training with your dog creates a special relationship in which you are constantly reinforced as the packmaster and leader of the group. He will grow complete trust in you and will always keep a strong bond with you.

Furthermore they are very easy to train. They are naturally patient and have a strong desire to please, which drives them on to a quick learning curve. You’ll be overjoyed when your Labrador can do 3-4 tricks apart from the basic “sit”, “come”, “down” etc. commands.

Labrador Retriever are popular family dogs also because they are great with children

Labs tend to do best when they have access to a middle-sized yard. However the yard is mostly just a larger cage so the same need to explore exists. It is important to take him on a daily walk and exercise with him often. If he is well trained it is a joy to play with him.

One thing Labradors are not good at is staying alone indoors. Most dogs tend to get bored if left alone for long periods of time and Labradors are no exception. It’s ok to leave him for a few hours if beforehand, or afterwards, he knows it’s playing time.

Barking habits of a Labrador Retriever

They are not particularly loud. Their bark is pretty loud, but they don’t use it except for unknown sounds or when scared (doesn’t happen often, believe me). Yet they do bark defensively if someone approaches the yard.

Eating habits and health problems

Labradors are known to become obese when they see too much food and too little activity. Many people mistreat their dogs and feed them too much on the basis that “hey, if he eats it can’t be bad”. Moderate rations are sufficient along with plenty of exercise.

They have an average life expectancy of up to 12 years. A generally healthy breed, with few inherent disorders. They are prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections, so check up on those ears regularly.

Labradors are known to jump over a yard’s fence, burrow under it or even drive through it in order to get out if they feel particularly explorative. For this reason many experts recommend either marked tags or a traceable microchip. Don’t let such a loving and happy family member drift away.

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