Are Collies Good Apartment Dogs

Are Collies good apartment dogs? Whenever someone hears the word “Collie” they immediately think “Lassie”. Collies are highly intelligent dogs and are supported by a friendly attitude and a generous energy level. Collies are great apartment dogs but you need to show them affection and exercise a lot to avoid problems.

The Collie is a relatively large dog. Strictly speaking there are very rigorous standards for the Collie’s traits. Flat skull with arched eyebrows. Black nose, chiseled face, etc. Generally speaking most of their traits stand without any big changes.

Probably the biggest difference between champion Collies and pet Collies are the ears. Most pet Collies are there because their ears didn’t fold their tips forward. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely your pet will have folded ears. Unless of course you buy a Pedigree Collie.

Common misconceptions about the Collie breed

1.All Collies look like Lassie

Most people think there’s sable and white coat and that’s it. However Collies actually come in six different colors, yes, six. The sable and white coat Lassie had is probably the most famous, but the sable can range from lemon to dark mahogany.

There are also tricolors – that means a black body, white collars and legs and a tan marking on the face. Another, less common Collie coat color is the blue merle. The body is silvery-blue, they have a few black patches and the same white color on their legs and collar with the tan face. There are others, such as white collies or double merles.

2.There’s only one type of Collie dog

Collies can have one of two possible coat styles. There are rough and smooth coated dogs. The rough coated dogs require average-to-high brushing and grooming while the smooths are more forgiving.

The main difference is obviously the coat. Rough Collies have a long and harsh outer coat and a gentler undercoat. While smooths have short hair with soft undercoat. The other big difference is that smooth Collies are both more outgoing and more agile. Rough coated dogs are better for less active people.

A rough Collie should be brushed one time per week for about 30 minutes. It’s also important to note that they shed once a year if they are males, and 2 times per year if they are females. Smooths are happy with one brushing every two weeks. Luckily Collie hair is much easier to clean off furniture than most other types of dog hair. Also it’s common for them to shed close to their birthday.

3.Collies are bad with children or as family dogs

Collies absolutely love children. They treat them as young members of the flock and tend to be very, and I mean very, careful and gentle with young children. They are excellent companion dogs altogether because of their good temperament, energetic attitude and high intelligence.

One thing to look out for is that Collies become very protective of their own and rarely tolerate other people hurting them. This can be dangerous if you have kids being teased at school and must be careful not to let the dog hurt the other children.

4.Collies are one man types of dogs

As you have already seen Collies are great in families. They are affectionate and happy and their intelligence helps them adapt very quickly to a variety of new people. Collies need companionship, if you’re an owner that doesn’t think he’s going to spend a lot of time with his dog then this breed is not recommended for you.

5.I’ve heard that Collies are shy but noisy

Collies are not shy. They are outgoing and thrive on socializing with other people and animals. For this reason they can get noisy if left home alone for a long period of time. They become bored easily because of their natural cleverness.

Thus they need a companion and leader that puts them to work and bonds deeply with them. They may bark when a stranger walks by or when a cat drifts through, however keeping a Collie in an apartment you are already eliminating these problems, just make sure not to leave him alone for too long.

6.Collies have a big coat so they can stay outside even in the winter

I know this isn’t an issue when living in an apartment but it has to be said. This is a horrible idea. Keeping a dog outside in the winter is very dangerous. There are very few dog breeds that are inherently capable of withstanding harsh weather. While the Collie might enjoy being outside for the most part do not leave him out all the time. Also, their ears become much more vulnerable and are susceptible to freezing.

7.I understand that Collies eat a lot

Collies eat a surprisingly small amount of food. I recommend feeding them top quality, or professional food if you will, because they don’t need a lot of it. Two to three cups a day is good.

Even though it’s more expensive the alternative is not even reasonable. If you try to feed them lower quality food you will have to feed them at least twice as much to maintain the same weight. Also, Collies gain weight very fast, and it might become hard to maintain the proper amount of food if you don’t have specific information.

8.Collies are very active dogs and require lots of exercise

This misconception often appears due to a confusion between a Collie and a Border Collie. Border Collies have limitless energy and are just as intelligent as Collies. They are the ones who require plenty of exercise.

Collies are generally quite lazy, and they are happy with a daily walk and some exercise. They love playing catch and retrieving balls and other things, especially if they are taught young. They are also great jogging partners and will keep nuisances out of your way when you’re in the park.

9.Eye problems are common in Collies

There’s the infamous “Collie Eye Anomaly”. This is an affection of the retina but it affect vision rarely. Most Collies never have any problem with this defect because breeders work very hard to eliminate harmful effects. They also work very hard to eliminate the other common Collie problem called “Progressive Retinal Atrophy” with which the dog becomes blind later in his life.

Collies are great apartment dogs, they do not need extensive exercise but are very hearty and happy. They do need affection and time spent with them but what kind of dog doesn’t? Besides, this is the reason you’re getting one. They are loving, affectionate dogs that are great family dogs and adapt well to apartment life.