Types of Small Dogs

We like types of small dogs because they are cute, cuddly and especially, fun. These types of dogs are able to make us laugh in any circumstance by performing one of their tricks or by playing silly. Small dogs are easier to walk, to play with and overall don’t require as much maintenance as a bigger dog type.

A good thing for all the families out there, small dogs, like most dogs, love to play with children. The fact that their size minimizes the probability of accidents makes them that much more appealing. One thing is for certain: you can easily find a small dog that fits your needs and next up we will look at the top five types of small dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

This is one of the most courageous dogs, considering its size. Clever and obedient, he will easily learn to perform tricks and enjoy making his master happy. But, too much attention can damage. They will become demanding, transforming into depending creatures.

Their constitution also means that life in an apartment is easy. But keep in mind that such an energetic type of dog has to be walked daily. If you see your Terrier to be more agitated than usual then you should walk him more. His silky coat needs constant attention in order to preserve it’s beauty.


A natural born hunter used to life in an apartment? The Dachshund is a type of dog that does just this. It is a small dog, with an elongated body and small feet. Full of life and affectionate, he will attach to his owners very fast. Other than being a little stubborn in training he is a good companion dog.

Sociable dogs, the Dachshunds will love their masters and protect them from strangers. Be aware that they are known to snap if teased. Small children may not know how to play with them and could get bitten. He loves to bark and will immediately alert you of strangers. All in all, he is a great companion dog and an amusing one to boot.

Miniature Poodle

So much agility and energy in a dog no bigger than a hand bag. Poodles will adapt to the apartment life but if they don’t receive their daily walk they will tear up your furniture. Daily exercises are important to keep them healthy and happy. Even so, they are prone to cataracts and other eye diseases.

One of the most intelligent types of small dogs, the Poodle is trained with ease and will learn to perform various tricks. They will entertain the whole family as they enjoy being in the spotlight. He should feel like he is part of the family, otherwise he will have deviated behavior. One more thing, Poodles love water and enjoy retrieving floating objects.

Shih Tzu

Another happy little dog filled with character beyond its capacity. He is very clever and enjoys playing with kids and adults alike. What he needs is strict rules. This dogs needs constant reminder of who is the master. Separation for long periods will do him lots of harm. He could suffer from anxiety and change his behavior.

The daily walk needs to be at least a half an hour long so that he satisfies his primal needs. Apartment life can be a little stressful for this dog type. But with proper care and attention they can feel right at home. The long fur needs quite a big amount of attention. So do the eyes which are susceptible to illnesses.

Miniature Schnauzer

A type of dog small enough to adapt to life indoors but big enough to endure a kid’s pushing around. Like most dogs the Schnauzer needs to know who is the leader. Otherwise he will develop disorders. This type of dog can travel easily, being able to adapt and actually enjoy a new scenery.

A good exercise for the Schnauzer is to teach them to enter a room after the humans. He is not hard to take care of. His wiry coat needs little grooming and sheds very little hair. Also an energetic dog, play with them as much as possible and don’t forget to give them the daily walk.

All in all small dogs are probably the best dogs you can have if you live in an apartment. A few things to keep in mind when having these types of dogs are: make sure they exercise a lot, don’t ignore them for too long and show them who is the authority figure in the house.