Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs

The Golden Retriever is a popular dog breed among dog owners for his excellent attitude and friendliness. Golden Retrievers are intelligent dog types talented at hunting and tracking, with their trademark ability of retrieving game and excellent swimming skills.

In fact, as water hunting dogs they are probably the best dogs you could find. They have seemingly limitless energy and you’ll find that they are high-spirited and happiest when running and playing. Their activity level is high and this is an important aspect of keeping an apartment dog.

The Golden Retriever is a relatively large dog breed. They have a straight muzzle, well defined by a large skull. Their nose is normally black, but can have brownish hues. They have lovely big eyes of dark brown that delve right into your own.

Their short ears keeps them away from ear problems but should still be checked regularly. Their teeth must overlap in a scissors bite. Misalignment is considered a fault according to the American Kennel Club but it is possible. Their body is well balanced, their trademark coat is golden color but it can come in various shades from flaxen all the way to rich or dark gold. Their coat is water proof and they have webbed feet, which makes them excellent swimmers.

Are Golden Retrievers dogs that can live in an apartment

Golden Retrievers are friendly beyond count. They have little to no guarding instincts. This makes them excellent apartment and family dogs, and their high energy and intelligence makes them ideal service dogs, assistance and search dogs and even narcotics detection dogs.

They are used as working dogs for a variety of jobs, yet they still make great apartment dogs because of their natural friendliness towards people and other animals. While they are not good guard dogs they do their job as watch dogs, using their loud bark to signal the approach of a stranger.

How to keep a happy Golden Retriever in an apartment

The Golden Retriever is a highly energetic dog. Therefore they have high exercise needs. You need to know that just a daily walk isn’t going to cut it. Jogging or running alongside a bicycle is a great activity for this dog, . However take care to heel the dog and not let him lead you.

He needs a firm owner that he can trust to lead. You will have to exercise the dog well; retrieving toys is another great way to keep him happy, as is swimming. They have a life expectancy of about a dozen years which gives you plenty of time to train them many tricks and tasks.

They are easily trained and have seen great results from obedience training. They just love to please their leader and are great at performing tricks. One thing to look out for is that this breed gains weight easily and must not be overfed. Golden Retrievers do fine in an apartment provided there’s enough exercise to go around.

If you just keep him in the house all day he is going to develop behavioral issues. Being high strung and overly anxious are common symptoms. They can become easily distracted and destructive around the house if they lack proper physical and mental workout.

What should I look out for in a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are prone to a variety of health issues. Cancer and hip dysplasia are very common problems. They may also develop eye defects and heart problems. They need regular veterinary checks as their skin is also prone to allergies.

When keeping a Golden Retriever in an apartment it’s easy to overfeed them. Be aware that they gain weight rapidly if overfed and it can have a snowball effect if you don’t take care of it.

One last thing to take care of is their coat. You want it to be nice and shiny. Fortunately their smooth coat is easily groomed. They actually have a double coat but that doesn’t complicate things. Just use a firm brush and try to get to the dense undercoat.

It’s important to dry shampoo them regularly, while bathing them only when you deem necessary. They are average shedders so you shouldn’t have much of a problem with that. The Golden Retriever is a sporting dog, a hunting breed that loves competition but their friendly temperament makes them great family dogs