Can I Keep a Dachshund Happy in an Apartment

When first wondering if theycan keep a Dachshund happy in an apartment most people have inquiries about the Dachshunds long body and short legs. Dachshunds have been originally bred for hunting. More specifically as underground hunting dogs, used to follow game inside their burrows and flush them out or catch them.

Imagine trying to fit a Golden Retriever in a badger’s burrow. He’ll probably just try to dig everything out which is both messy and time-consuming. This is unacceptable when trying to stealthily hunt for small game.

This is where small hunting dogs came in handy and the Dachshund has been great at this job. Though today they mostly just hunt their owner’s hearts. Dachshunds are known by many names such as weiner dogs, hot dogs and others but they all just refer to the same small, sausage-like breed.

There are actually three types of Dachshund dogs, depending on their coat style: Short-hair, long-hair and wire-haired. Each of them have three different sizes, or you could say each size has three different coat styles. They have a longer body compared to their height, very short legs, but strong enough to easily support the body.

Their muzzle is elongated and they have a robust jaw. Their teeth are supposed to meet in a scissors bite. One more notable aspect is their long ears that like to hang on the sides of the head. Dachshunds come in many colors, ranging from black, red, blond, platinum and even gray. There are also bi-color,usually combine tan with black, chocolate and others, and even tri-colored dogs.

Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs

In order to answer that question you need to ask yourself the following.

Are Dachshunds good for new dog owners

No. Dachshunds are lively and clever. They can bond well in some environments but they are quite headstrong and are not easy to train. This is the main reason why Dachshunds are not good for new owners. However if you are good at training your dog he can be a great companion for you.

Dachshunds pose another problematic behavioral pattern. If they don’t have an owner that knows how to be the pack leader the road he starts on is going to hurt. They will start guarding furniture, food and other objects. They will start biting and snapping at children and strangers. They are known to bark obsessively and can even become unpredictable towards their owners.

How to be a pack leader for your dog

You hear this all the time, if you provide leadership for your dog he will behave right and bond and respect you. But what exactly is proper leadership for your dog. The most common situation in which dogs develop leadership problems are families with small dogs. Most people think that the respective breed has these disorders.

However this is actually known as the small dog syndrome. People think dogs are similar to children, treating smaller dogs similarly to babies. Realize that a small dog is going to be small as an adult, and really, size doesn’t matter.

In order to be an effective pack leader for your dog you have to provide rules. Dogs crave rules because they are pack animals. You must show them the limits of what they can and can’t do. Once they understand that it’s your rules they must follow and it’s not you who follows their rules things become much calmer.

How do Dachshunds adapt to an apartment life

First of all you must train Dachshunds in order to have any control over them at all. Once they know house training and general commands the way becomes easier. They are needy dogs that crave attention. This is another, subtler purpose of leadership.

By taking time to consistently tell your dog what he can and can’t do he unconsciously getting the attention he needs. Once you have a proper pack leader attitude and can keep your dog in line all you need for a Dachshund to be happy is a daily heel walk.

Letting him pull you around everywhere is promoting hurtful behavior, instead keeping him “on a short leash” will actually relax him and he will start enjoying the walks instead of working through them. Overall Dachshunds are quite demanding and behave well as apartment dogs only when their needs are strictly met.

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