Are American Bulldogs Good Apartment Dogs

There are three recognized American Bulldog types of dogs. They are generally referred to as Classic, Performance and Hybrid types. The American Bulldog descends from a working type of bulldog common in farms along the Midwestern part of the United States.

The American Bulldog’s physical appearance is desirable in apartment dogs

American Bulldog With Mouth OpenThese types of dogs are sturdy and muscular. Albeit the compact frame the Bulldog is high on his legs and faster than his English companion. As always males are more muscular and stronger than females. They have strong, large jaws that look fearsome. A wide chest gives him a demanding attitude.

Apart from these characteristics different ear types and bite styles are possible. The muzzle is generally strong, his neck muscular and may show a slight dewlap. Ears are preferred not cropped per American Bulldog Breeders Association Standard. The eye colors also vary and these types of dogs are known to have heterochromia (different colored eyes).

The psychology and temperament of the American Bulldogs is well suited as apartment dogs

New owners of the Bulldog types of dogs are flabbergasted by the sensitivity of the dog breed. This makes them excellent apartment dogs. Interestingly enough the Bulldog is very intelligent and easily trained in the right conditions. Of course, training is esentially patience. But the manner of training must be enjoyable for the dog. If he wants to do the task he will do everything he can.

It is easy to neglect proper research into these types of dogs psychology. Excessive barking, scratching and other detrimental behavior is a product of boredom and insufficient exercise. One key aspect into solving these problems is a good degree of socialization. If the animal is in constant contact with people and other animals he will grow into a gentle but strong attitude. Especially excessive barking is not desirable in apartment dogs.

The American Bulldog is a good apartment dog if properly exercised

Physical and mental workout is the key in keeping apartment types of dogs. The absolute best workout for these types of dogs is lead walking, or hand walking. Walking with the dog and letting them do whatever they want is not the way to go.

American Bulldogs need a strong, firm hand to lead them. Or if you will, a pack master. If their owner is sure, firm and commanding they will behave much better. You can even jog with your dog using the same principle. When he isn’t busy leading he will be relaxed and will enjoy the ride because he trusts you to lead him correctly.

The American Bulldog is not prone to many medical problems besides hip dysplasia. This makes them good apartment types of dogs. Another benefit is that Bulldogs have a short coat that is easy to groom. He is an average shedder and will not drive you to hair nightmares.

So are American Bulldogs good apartment dogs? They are great apartment dogs for people who are willing to take time for a lengthy daily walk. And who don’t want a big shedder around. Also, the American Bulldogs are affectionate types of dogs and behave well around children and other animals.

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