Mastiffs Have a Suitable Temperament For Apartment Life

The English Mastiff, otherwise known as the Mastiff, is the largest breed in the world in terms of weight. They weigh around 200 pounds, males can go up to 250 while females stick to the slightly more modest 200 pound mark. They are massive dogs and are natural guard dogs.

Yet, unlike Rottweilers for example, Mastiffs are rarely, if ever, aggressive. They are much more likely to defend rather than attack. They are, in essence, big, gentle elephants. However their guarding instincts can kick in if a stranger poses a threat.

This is an old breed and, they were used to fight lions and other large animals during Roman times. This goes to show just how powerful they are. But they seldom bark and almost never attack.

What are Mastiffs like to live with in an apartment

Mastiffs are rarely noisy, they seldom bark and are quite lazy overall. They are very good at protecting the family even though most of the time they’ll scare off intruders easily considering their imposing size. Yet beneath what a burglar sees there’s a gentle soul and a lazy attitude.

You’ll usually come home to be promptly greeted by a lazy jerk of the head while lying around on the carpet or on a couch. This breed is excellent with children and, despite the large gap in size, your children will be safe around him. They are very calm and relatively inactive indoors.

They’re ok with being alone for some time since they like to get lazy and lumber around the house. However they respond if you’re trying to persuade them into some action.

How to train a Mastiff and not have to carry him

So far it sounds like it’s next to impossible to convince him to do what you want. Considering his weight it’s probably quite unlikely that you’ll be able to carry him in or out of a car. Fortunately you don’t have to.

It’s easy to keep them under control and most of the time they’re calm anyway. They obey commands promptly and respect their owners fully. They are sensitive and don’t respond well to rough training. They are intelligent and can control their instinct even in a tight situation.

Suppose a friend comes by and your dog sees him as a threat. As soon as you command your dog to stand down you can expect him to understand that there’s no danger and react promptly. They need socialization and love to please and be obedient, well-mannered pets.

You will have to be firm, but gentle. If you are non-aggressive towards him while portraying an authority figure he will behave and will not try to dominate. He can get along with other pets if socialized at an early stage.

Mastiff health issues and maintenance

Tibetan MastiffThey tend to eat everything you give them so take care and portion their meals into 3 smaller meals rather than one big meal per day. Mastiffs like to drool and snore loudly. In this respect you should have at least a small yard to avoid any slippery problems.

Mastiffs are prone to hip dysplasia. They can also develop a variety of problems such as gastric torsion, vaginal hyperplasia and even cardiomyopathy. They don’t require much exercise but a daily walk is a must. Make sure you always keep him on a leash outside to he knows you’re in control.

They have a life expectancy of about a dozen years, they are low-maintenance in almost every aspect. Their coat is easy to groom, they don’t require much exercise and they respond well to training. Perhaps drooling and snoring can be a problem for an apartment dog but besides that they are great, gentle canines.

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