Should I Get a Border Collie For My Apartment?

The Border Collie is a famous dog breed that has been rocking the competitive dog sport scene for many years. You shouldn’t get a Border Collie if you live in an apartment and we’ll talk about why in just a minute. This dog has consistently proven he is among the smartest dogs in the world.

They are excellent, natural sheep herders and are capable of herding cattle as well. This is their most beloved activity, but they are also astutely aware of their masters desires and have an overwhelming tendency to please.

The Border Collie is highly trainable and very energetic. Because of that he has been the best in many sporting events, proving that this capable breed can take on anything thrown at them. They have been used in bomb diffusal, tracking narcotics and even as service dogs.

Can I keep a Border Collie in an apartment? What are they like to live with?

Border Collies are not recommended for apartment life. They are very active even when indoors and their limitless energy can quickly go out of control. In fact, even a small yard is insufficient for this dog and he will do best with acreage. They are not capable of living chained up in the back yard all day.

Speaking of yard, you can expect some pretty interesting escape attempts from this breed. His little Houdini mind will come up with new and better ways of defeating your yard’s fence. Either keep an active close eye on him or make sure you’re bullet-proof. It’s a good idea to either have underground fence or concrete so he can’t bury under it.

The Border Collie tends to develop a strong bond with one member of the family, often times completely ignoring the others. He is certainly not a family dog who loves being in the center of attention. They are affectionate and love human companionship but are reserved towards strangers. He may try to herd your children and other people.

Border Collie activity and training

Training comes easily for the Collie. He is extremely clever, unbelievably energetic and yet has a strong obedience instinct. They are among the most agile and deft dogs. They need constant training, with plenty of time spent learning and perfecting skills. This breed can even learn to perform commands only on certain hand signals or sound signals.

Physical exercise is not going to be enough for this dog. Not only do they need at least a couple of hours of physical exercise, they also need mental challenges. Performing different tasks, weird and new things is an excellent idea. He loves catching a ball and herding stray members of the family.

Border Collie health problems and care

Border CollieOverall the breed is very healthy and resistant. However they are often times allergic to fleas and some dogs may carry what’s called a MDR1 gene. This makes them more sensitive to certain drugs (which can prove fatal) that other dogs have no problem taking.

Border Collies are average shedders but need regular grooming to maintain a gleaming coat. Seasonally their soft undercoat will be shedding and they require extra care during those periods. Keep a watchfull eye for fleas and check their ears regularly for ticks.

The Border Collie is a very active, energetic and highly intelligent dog. He needs copious amounts of exercise and oodles of entertaining activities. He loves training and can’t wait to please his master again and again and again. A very competitive breed who requires plenty of space to go around.


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