Welcome to the Spotted Land Of Dalmatians

Since it’s our 101st article it only makes sense that we begin our stroll into the spotted land of Dalmatians. An unmistakable dog that everyone knows about, this white spotted breed has a distinctive character and appearance that have made him famous through movie appearances and whatnot.

Dalmatians are robust, large dogs. They stand between 22 and 24 inches tall at their shoulders and weigh more than 25 kg. They are strong and can be difficult to handle for an inexperienced person.

The average Dalmatian is very active and energetic. He requires constant physical and mental exercise. The breed was originally meant to run alongside horses for hours. They have great stamina and will seemingly never tire.

Living with a Dalmatian in the house

This dog is happy when he is bathing in human companionship. It’s a bad idea to leave one alone for more than three hours at a time. Separation anxiety will kick in, who knows what he will do until you get back.

Often times you will get a glimpse of what he is capable of just by waggling his tail. You are well served to move any precious objects out of his reach. Now take that and imagine he’s all alone anxiously waiting for you to come back and starts “playing” with your stuff.

Dalmatians are loyal and affectionate; they behave very well with families, but can be a little boisterous for very small children. They also behave well and respect others space even if there are multiple pets. Even cats have nothing to fear if they are properly introduced.

Necessary precautions for a frustration free environment

As I mentioned before it’s important to protect any precious items. Aside from that it’s very unlikely you will enjoy a peaceful cup of tea on your coffee table unless you find some way to restrict his access.

Dalmatians are also adept at shedding, and it’s very likely you’ll find a blanket of white hair deftly covering your entire household; much like snow in the winter. However, unlike snow it doesn’t just melt away, you will need a powerful vacuum.

To make matters a little more difficult you can’t even leave them outside. Their short coat provides very little protection from cold weather. And human companionship is a must-have for them to function properly.

Can Dalmatians and children get along?

First of all, never let your child be the primary caretaker for your dog. Sure, he can help, and letting him do some of the things will build character and will create a good relationship between him and the dog.

However confident you are in your dog and your children’s behavior, never leave them alone together. Teach your child the correct behavior to minimize the chances of unpredictable problems.

Your child should never run up to strange dogs, or even touch them without your okay. Never let your child abuse your Dalmatian in any way. Similarly, don’t expect your Dalmatian to put up with endless amounts of teasing. Your dog will probably not be patient unless you specifically teach him to be from a young age.

Dalmatians are great family dogs, always ready to play and a joy to be around. They are great with children overall but there are some things you should be aware of to nurture the relationship between your dog and your child.

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