5 Reasons Why the Sheltie Is a Great Apartment Dog

Think of a Sheltie as a smaller Collie. They are as much their smaller cousins as you will get. Sheltie is an abbreviation for the Shetland Sheepdog. A beautiful dog breed with a great, fun and loving personality.

These dogs are the “perfect dogs” with regards to their size. Where with a Collie you would have trouble managing him with the Sheltie you still get the looks but he’s small enough to cuddle and he won’t scare visitors.

The Sheltie is a perfect apartment dog for many reasons. Apart from some hair problems you will find a Sheltie to be everything you wished for. They are funny and energetic, loving and affectionate and they are great with children and other pets.

1. They got the looks

If you think about it the Sheltie is like the Brad Pitt of the canine world. To describe the appearance of the first Sheltie would take us through a laborious crossbreeding process that originated in the 1700s.

Nonetheless today they have an unique appearance with a luxurious double coat, long snout and glimmering eyes. They have very soft fur and, although similar to the Rough Collie, it’s easy to see the difference even to the untrained eye.

2. Shelties rank high in the brains department

Originally shepherds, they can withstand a lot of mental stimulation. Training comes easy for them as they enjoy engaging in silly activities anyway and they love performing tricks.

They have an uncanny knack to react promptly to your movements and behavior and they always seem to know when you’re about to give them a treat. They have a strong inclination to amuse and entertain you and your family and friends.

3. The Sheltie bark is not his only way to express himself

The distinctive high-pitched Sheltie bark will make you laugh again and again. But they have lots of other funny, interesting habits they engage in whether they know you’re looking or not.

They have a lovable, expressive face and are adept at using body language to convey their feelings. They love to spend time with you and you can expect them to follow you around whenever you go.

4. Hours of stroking will not bore the Sheltie

Perfectly balanced in that they are both energetic but they also love to sit in your lap and receive casual massage and belly rubs. If you should ever stop don’t be surprised if he pulls your hand back so you stroke him again.

Shelties are very loyal and loving towards their owners and quite reserved toward strangers which makes your relationship with him extra special. Look to find your Sheltie at the end of the bed in the morning looking at you with expectant eyes barely being able to hold himself from jumping on you right there.

5. General care is not a scare

Just so you are prepared for a Sheltie make sure you have one hour free time every day reserved for exercise. With that out of the way keep in mind that you need to groom them fairly frequently so you don’t get your lap full of hair right before you’re going to an important meeting.

But even with your regular brushing you will still need to vacuum carpets and rugs often. You need only bathe your Sheltie once every one or two months. These are great routines for apartments and you really couldn’t hope for something much better.

The Sheltie is an awesome apartment dog if only for the reasons stated above. You can also consider having more than one Sheltie as they get along really well. This will also help if you are not home all the time. Have fun!

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