What is The Best Time For Training Your Pomeranian

Now that you have the basic layout for how to get the most out of training your Pomeranian let’s start tweaking some of the things you do in one training session. You might think you’re putting too much effort into 10 minutes per day and if you feel that way then use whichever methods appeal to you and hope for the best.

If you want to make sure you have a well-trained dog that you can be proud of who will obey you even in an environment full of distractions, then at least a little tweaking is mandatory.

I’ve talked before about how you should pick the same time every day for training. There are multiple reasons to do this. Primarily, your Pomeranian will learn that that is the time for training, so he will be “in the mood” when you start because he knows it’s going to be enjoyable. He can’t wait to see what new tricks you have for him today.

Of course, you can have multiple training sessions in one day. There is nothing wrong with that. As long as you keep them short and painless, you can have as many as five sessions in one day, maybe even more.

Pick of the best treat for training

When you’re training with your Pomeranian, it’s a good idea to pick his favorite treat. Think about it, if you regularly give him his favorite treat, but when you’re training you’re giving him something worse, he is going to think obeying you is not worth it.

He’s already getting the best just by being there, why should he obey your commands for a lesser treat. It is a simple logic but many people overlook this important concept.

One note if you’re using praise as a reward. Use a high tone and put a little enthusiasm in your voice. And remember, if your dog doesn’t obey you in another environment it is most likely because of the different tone you’re speaking in.

Complex commands are not fun

Have you ever thought about why almost every command is a short word? “Sit”, “come”, “fetch”, “down”; these are all short words. Imagine how many dogs would listen if the sit commands would be this “Rex, put your hind legs down, bring your forward legs backwards and stand straight”. Probably not that many.

We’ve already talked about how the dog loses motivation as the commands become more difficult. Likewise, a heavy name for a command is likely to fail for the same reason. When you’re picking command words try to find words that end with a hard consonant, such as C, K or T.

When you’re trying to teach your Pomeranian a complex command it’s a good idea to break it down into several parts. This way you can work on the individual parts and then start leaving some of them out until you only say one word for the whole thing. Congratulations on a job well done.

If you’re going to teach your Pomeranian when it’s time to begin training, you should also teach him when it’s time to end training. Pick a release command and always end training in this fashion: ask him to do something you know he will obey correctly, praise him for a job well done and say the release command. Avoid common words such as “okay” or “good”.

You should choose a special command to be the release command because you don’t want him confusing things when a guest says a random Ok.  Also, you’re going to tell your Pomeranian he’s a good dog a lot, so that’s not a good word either.

Remember, keep training sessions short and upbeat. Never punish your dog because this only makes him fearful and awkward. Ignore incorrect behavior and reward correct behavior is your motto.

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