Boston Terriers Temperament and Training Habits Make Them Excellent Apartment Dogs

The Boston Terrier is the metaphor of American style. Lively and happy he is constantly throwing a positive attitude that conveys confidence, strength and health. They are very popular apartment dogs and for good reason.

The Boston Terrier was bred in Boston, hence the name, originally as a fighting dog. The breed was created by combining the English Bulldog with the English Terrier. A quaint genesis for a truly American breed. But I suppose the place of birth is more important than the actual parents. After all Americans also come from English people.

How to figure out if the Boston Terrier is the right breed for your apartment

The Boston Terriers physical appearance

The Boston Terrier is a smooth-coated, solid dog. He has a short head and muzzle that makes for an intelligent face. Although small the head is proportionate compared to the body and the short tail gives the impression of a balanced dog.

The Boston Terrier has a square form, and his legs must fall in line with the desired balance. The most interesting physical trait is that all his features seem to sit there calmly, none protruding intrusively as if to give the impression of a vulgar appearance.

He has a gentle disposition for which he has been nicknamed “the American Gentleman”. He only requires moderate amount of exercise and is fairly easy to groom. He is also highly intelligent and very responsive to training. He is an average shedder and releases only a minor dog odor.

His smooth coat is easy to take care of and he only needs a bath every now and then. However you need to take care of his face to wipe it every day because he is prone to eye problems. Keeping the area clean is a good preventive measure.

What is the general temperament of the Boston Terrier

As mentioned before, they have a gentle way of doing things even though they are high-spirited and enthusiastic. They are good candidates as watch dogs, seemingly capable of identifying when to bark. However some dogs tend to bark a lot.

The dog is great with children as well as strangers and other pets. He likes to be part of the family but is prone to develop small dog syndrome symptoms in lack of proper leadership. Because they were originally bred as fighting dogs they have a strong alpha instinct and, if left unsupervised, will become dominant.

How does the Boston Terrier fare with dog training

Boston Terrier PuppyTraining a Boston Terrier is easy business particularly because of his high intelligence. But he has many qualities that make him a joy to work with. His happy attitude betrays his desire to learn and please, and he is sure to pick up new behavior quickly.

He is very sensitive to the tone of voice and, as such, an easy way to train him is by teaching him verbal commands. While overall he is open-minded he can be somewhat stubborn when it comes to housebreaking. This is probably not the best news for when you want an apartment dog but it can be taken care of.

But the Boston Terrier is a better choice as an apartment dog than as a yard dog because he doesn’t handle extreme weather well. They live long and happy with over 15 years span. Couple that with the moderate exercise requirements and you have a great family companion.


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