What to Expect From Pomeranians Regarding Apartment Life

Pomeranians, commonly known as Poms, are small, fluffy dogs that have a light and friendly personality. They also have a natural territorial instinct, similar to a Miniature Pinscher temperament.

Poms are very loyal and attached to their owners. They like to have a closed circle of friends and family and they become suspicious of strangers and other pets because of it.

Pomeranians are natural watch dogs

Pomeranians are known to bark a lot. Even if you have a quieter dog you can expect him to promptly announce the approach of a stranger. You can expect them to react even more enthusiastically when a family member approaches. Their barking habits make them excellent watch dogs.

What do you do if your Pomeranian barks excessively?

First thing you need to understand is that barking is a perfectly normal activity for dogs. It’s unrealistic to expect your dog to be mute. This is one of his ways to communicate so it’s unfair to deprive him of it.

But your Pomeranian might bark too much. If that’s the case here are a few simple things you can do to mitigate this problem. First of all you need to find out your Pomeranian’s barking triggers. Knowing why he barks increases your success rate.

Next keep a supply of your Poms favorite treat within arms reach. Now here’s the trick: when he barks once praise him by saying something like “good boy” and then ask him “what’s wrong?” or “what’s happening” then immediately tell him to be quiet.

Now take out your secret weapon (the treat, obviously) and start waving it in front of him. He will instantly stop barking at which point you must continuously praise him for being such a good and quiet dog. When he keeps silence for a few seconds let him have the treat.

If he starts barking again start waving another treat. This time make him stay quiet longer before he gets the treat. Whenever he makes a mistake say “quiet” in a louder, stronger tone. Then reward him as soon as he stops barking. Gradually increase the silence time before he gets the treat. You will see results in no time.

Now that you have trained him to behave let’s see how they do in apartment life

Pomeranians are not excellent apartment dogs but they can do okay. They adapt to new people okay but are a bit protective. They only need the ocassional daily walk but human interaction is more important. Also, slightly more time consuming but just as important is:

Coat shedding and grooming requirements

Pomeranians don’t need as much grooming as other hairy breeds. Two to three times per week should suffice. If you think you won’t enjoy grooming your dog then you should rethink your choice.

However what most people don’t know about Pomeranians is that their coat goes through various stages throughout their life. Many people are unhappy with their puppy when they reach 5 or 6 months and have their first shed. Fact is that every Pomeranian goes through this awkward stage.

However when they reach roughly 10 months of age their coat will reappear. There are many other times when he will shed but the total amount of hair they have is determined genetically. Adding supplements to increase your dogs coat is only going to do harm.

Whenever he is shedding extra brushing will be required. Besides, it’s better to have the dead coat on your brush rather than everywhere else. Also, some areas, particularly behind the ears and the groin, have a high chance of knotting.

Pomeranians are rather high-maintenance but beautiful small dogs that require regular grooming and moderate exercise for a healthy life. They also love to bark and need conditioning to keep them from barking all the time. Yet they are caring and obedient and adapt alright to living in an  apartment.

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