Albeit Gentle and Playful, the Papillon is Not a Good Apartment Dog

The Papillons name comes from the French “papillon” which means butterfly. It’s easy to see why they were named so, you just need to look at their head. The white blaze on the forehead and the pointy ears, usually brown, easily resemble butterflies.

The Papillon is also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel and, as the name suggests, he is a small dog. They have a cute, short muzzle with black, round eyes. The large ears give him a funny look. The dog can stand up to 11 inches in height and weighs around 10 pounds.

Should I get a Papillon for my apartment?

Papillon PuppyThe Continental Toy Spaniels temperament is playful, graceful and elegant. He is very friendly and loves to socialize, meet new people and animals and have fun. The breed is not aggressive or shy in nature. However they have one characteristic which makes you second guess the thought of keeping a Papillon in an apartment.

The dog has a strong protective instinct about his family and his family’s property. Therefore he will bark at most any noise, whether it’s a creaking floor or an intruder trying to bypass your door. It’s pretty hard to keep them quiet in an apartment and even with good early training he might still act instinctively.

Otherwise the breed is calm and affectionate. He loves to cuddle and behaves well with children. He is intelligent and takes care of his pack as best he can.

Training and exercise for the Papillon

Papillon Butterfly DogThe Papillon is very obedient and clever. He is good at problem solving and loves to please. They are easy to housetrain and are so intelligent they are consistently chosen for service dog jobs.

He loves to perform tricks and responds well to consistent, gentle training. You have much leverage since he’s obedient enough to compete in show rings. You will want to socialize him intensely during puppyhood.

As far as exercise and activity go he needs a daily walk and likes outdoor exercise. He is somewhat similar to a Husky in that he will try to escape should the yard lack proper fencing.

Coat and care for Papillons

They have a long, silky coat and they shed moderately. You will want to brush him several times a week. When brushing him pay special attention to hair behind the ears and on the stomach. These areas are more stuffy and will tangle easily.

You should only bathe him when you deem necessary, for example when he comes home full of mud. Dry shampooing will usually suffice though you should follow your own judgement. One last thing you’ll need to do is trim their pads to prevent splaying.

The Papillon is not a good apartment dog because of his propensity to bark. And when kept in a yard he must be watched so he doesn’t escape. But the breed is loving and caring. A supportive watchdog who loves to socialize and play.

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