Add Shake, Bow and Crawl to Your Golden Retriever’s Trick Repertoire

Now your Golden retriever is on his way to becoming a true trickster. Today we’re going to talk about a few more fun, easy tricks. Enriching his repertoire of known tricks makes him develop new behaviors and gives you fun things to do together.

We’re going to start with the shake hands trick. Once we’ve covered that will move on to bow. Bow is an interesting trick because your dog will naturally do it whenever he wakes up. Finally we’ll show you how to teach your Golden retriever to crawl.

Training him to do all these tricks is both fun and easy. It doesn’t take a lot of time, just some patience and some control on your part. One extra benefit is that Golden retrievers are quite active and like to have something to do. Tricks are great tools to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Without further adue:

Golden retriever shaking hands with your friends

This is a nice trick, and useful too. You can show your friends (or new people) how proficient your dog is at performing tricks and then you can let them play some tricks with your Golden retriever on their own.

Besides, this is such an easy trick it shouldn’t take you more than three days to master it. So, have your dog sitting, saying “shake” or your word of choice and touch his right paw. He will instinctively raise it and put it in your hand.

At this point you will praise and cheer him, give him a treat and shake his hand. Unlike other tricks, you don’t have to give a treat every time, even when you’re just starting.

After a while use the word without touching his paw. One he has mastered that you can even teach him to give you his other hand. It’s as easy as pie.

The bow, or stretch, command

You’ve certainly seen dogs do this. Whenever they get up from a nap they will stretch their legs and end up in what looks like a bow position. This is another fun trick you can use in many situations.

You need your Golden retriever to be able to stay before you can try this. So have him stay and put one hand behind his rear legs and the other hand on his shoulders. Now gently push on his shoulders while holding the rear hand in the same position.

To comply he will have to go into the bow position. Once he has praise him enthusiastically and give him a treat. Watch and enjoy the awe and amazement when you have your dog bow to meet new people.

Crawling ninja golden retriever

Most people don’t even know dogs can do this trick. But it’s another easy one if he already knows the down command. But be careful, as he might just crawl under the fence.

So have the Golden retriever in the down position and hold a treat in front of his nose. Slowly move it a few centimeters in front of him. If he starts to stand say “no, crawl” in a firm tone and start again.

As soon as he crawls even half an inch praise him enthusiastically and give him the treat, he has now got it. From here it’s very easy to get him to move even for a couple of meters using crawling.

Teaching your Golden retriever new tricks is both fun and very rewarding for the both of you. From the common shaking hands to the special crawling you know you can be proud of your trickster Golden retriever.

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