Australian Shepherds Are Not the Best Apartment Dogs

The Australian Shepherd is a great, loyal companion. He has great guarding instincts and an overwhelming desire to herd everything and everyone. He is mainly a working dog and is ready to do so all day long. He has great stamina and is animated and agile. He has an elegant style with a smooth and easy-going attitude.

Australian Shepherds are not the best apartment dogs. They require plenty of exercise, they don’t like to be left alone and they must absolutely, positively be with their owner all the time.The Australian Shepherd is not an inherently quarrelsome dog, he is good natured and loves to be part of the family’s daily activity. They want to follow you everywhere. They’ll get in a car just to be with you some more. They tend to follow you from room to room and can be protective of their masters’ possessions. This should be taken care of during training.

Ironically, the Australian Shepherd, developed exclusively in the United States, granted he was first brought there from Australia somewhere in the 1800′s, but still. Since then they have constantly made themselves noticed through their intelligent, workaholic nature.

What to expect from an Australian Shepherd

Many of these dog types end up in rescue because their owners hadn’t correctly anticipated how much work they need. They need a good deal of exercise every day to keep them satisfied.

They become bored quite fast and will be frustrated by the lack of activity. Ultimately this will lead them to become distructive as they search for their own way to use all the energy.

The Australian Shepherd is very intelligent and has a strong desire to please

Australian Shepherds diligently carry out whatever task you throw at them. Be it bringing in the stock or guarding your children. Training goes very easy for them. They are quite easy to housebreak and love to spend time with their owner training and playing.

However these are completely different activities and the dog needs to tell the difference between play time and training time. To help you do that try to start training at the same time every day. This will tell him that whenever it’s not time for training he is free to play.
Some part of their brain must remain to the puppy stage because they love to play. And play. And play. This makes them excellent companions for children. And even in the most chaotic of playing their gentle, careful nature stops them from being rough.

They can live up to 15 years though they have a few common health problems. You need to look out for hip dysplasia, cataracts as well as hypothyroidism. The breed is an average shedder and needs occasional brushing.

In short, the Australian Shepherd will need an outdoorsy, active owner and a happy, high-spirited family to boot. He will need plenty of attention and time spent with his companions. He can live in an apartment provide you give him the activity he needs. They won’t keep your neighbors up all night but they can be a little reserved towards strangers.


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