Pugs are Playful Apartment Tricksters

They’re never going to confuse a Pug with another dog. Pugs have a short body and a stocky frame, kind of like a cylinder. Their short, albeit muscular legs give them their distinctively funny look. They have a flat muzzle with big, bulging eyes, wrinkles, a curled tail and dark, folded ears. They look like a cute, adorable little piggy.

Once they were favorites around Chinese royal families and that heritage stuck until today. They are dignified family members and expect you to treat them as such. When you are resting on the couch expect your Pug to join you but don’t let that mislead you into thinking they are lazy. They are quite alert and always ready to rumble.

Pugs are small dogs weighing up to 20 pounds and standing as tall as 14 inches. They are excellent companions for playful people whether single or in a family. They are fun dogs who like to entertain.

What is the Pug like in an apartment?

Pugs are great apartment dogs. They are relatively inactive indoors and besides, they don’t stand well in cold temperatures so they are best served indoors. These dogs have an easy time getting along with anybody. They like to be given attention and they absolutely must be cuddled.

They will easily get jealous if you direct your attention and affection to someone else. Pugs behave impeccably with children, they are patient and tolerant and always ready to play any game. They also behave well with other pets.

You might have trouble if you leave them alone for too long, but this can happen with any dog. Obviously they want to be in your company all the time. You are their pack. They’re clever enough to bring a lot of mischief around the house given the opportunity.

They have a strangely loud but not annoying bark and they will use it to perform their watchdog role well. Your guests will also be surprised to see how good hosts your dogs are. They like to greet new people with a short, happy welcome.

Caring for and training your Pug

Pugs can quickly catch colds in cold or moist environments. They like a warm ambience, not to hot, not too cold. It’s recommended that you use air conditioning.

They’re prone to allergies and their small muzzle creates breathing difficulty. Expect your dog to wheeze and snore. They can have skin problems and are heavy seasonal shedders.

Brushing is easy thanks to their short coat and they scarcely need bathing. One last thing you need to take care of is not overfeeding them. They easily become obese which shortens their lifespan a lot. Speaking of which, they can live up to 15 years.

They need daily walks just like any dog and moderate amounts of exercise. However be careful not to overdo it, look to see if they start to wheeze as that is a good time to stop.

Pugs are very easy to train and one of their most famous talents is performing tricks. You can teach them to do anything. The best approach is reward training. So long as you establish yourself as the pack leader you will get good feedback with any of your training sessions.

Pugs are a wonderful little dogs with a good attitude and a strong desire to entertain. Your guests will love him, your pets will love him, your children will love him and, most importantly, you will love him.

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