Thinking About Jogging or Hiking With Your Basset Hound?

Jogging and hiking are different activities, require different types of dogs but are both demanding on your Basset Hound. The main thing to remember is not to force anything. If your dog doesn’t like the idea, is struggling or is uncomfortable in any way discontinue.

Be aware that your dog may not be suited for jogging. It depends on the individual. It’s a good idea to ask your vet if you can jog or hike with your Basset Hound. If he gives you the ok it doesn’t mean your dog will be completely comfortable with it. Still keep an eye out and judge for yourself.

With that out of the way let’s talk about jogging and hiking with your Basset Hound. First of all they are different activities physically. Jogging is a high-energy activity and requires a fit dog that likes to run around. Basset Hounds are generally not so jog-oriented. Hiking involves rough terrain but you can take it a lot slower so you might like that more.

Jogging with your Basset Hound

I wouldn’t count on your Basset Hound being the perfect companion for jogging but you can give it a shot anyway. First of all don’t even think about it until he’s one year old. Second of all even if your dog is an athlete you still need to condition him before taking on a full-fledged jog.

At first take short distance and a slow pace. Work your way up in speed and length gradually. If he’s lagging behind it’s too much for him and you need to back it down a bit. Just be careful about it, keep an eye on him and make sure he’s comfortable throughout the whole experience. It might turn out he’s not your ideal partner and that’s completely fine.

The funny thing is that even if he’s not suited for jogging you can still take him with you. All you need is to grab a stroller for him and he’ll still bring you your Pumas.

Hiking with your Basset Hound

When walking on a loose leash is easy you can consider hiking. You’ll find so many things you would otherwise miss you’ll find it enough reason alone to go hiking. If you feel your Basset Hound is lacking in leash manners go back to walking on a loose leash and work on that.

When you’re going hiking you’re going to have to keep your dog on a leash. Even if your dog is a champion at obedience you still shouldn’t trust him off the leash.

If you’re planning on going for long hikes you need to get the dog in condition for the trip. You might want to grab some dog boots for the rough terrain. You’ll also need plenty of water.

Finally you need to do some research and find places that allow dogs. You’ll be surprised how many prohibit dogs. There are still lots of places where you can have fun; you just need to look a little harder than usual.

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