Run Your Household Dogwalk With Your Shiba Inu, On the Couch

In real competitions the Dogwalk is a platform that the dog must go over, which would be the canine equivalent of a gymnast beam. However it’s really big and really unwieldy. It will take up most of your living room and it’s too much of a sacrifice when you can use what you already have instead.

For your Shiba Inu’s Living Room Agility Course all he needs is the couch and a couple of tables or footstools. Of course, if you have a yard you might consider the real thing.

The real reason for adding the footstools is two-fold. First of all you want to make it a little easier for your Shiba to jump on and off the couch. The second is for competitive reasons.

In real agility the Dogwalk has a yellow zone that the dog must touch before going on the contraption. Your yellow zone is a footstool at one end of the couch. So what you’re doing is adding help and realism to the whole thing.

How to teach your Shiba Inu to run the Couch Dogwalk

He’ll be required to jump on one footstool, pause for a flash, jump on the couch and run to the other side, flash-pause, jump on the other footstool and then finally jump down to successfully complete the obstacle.

If you’ve had the Shiba Inu for a little while he’s almost guaranteed to have started running across the couch jumping on and off doing laps around the house. So this obstacle will be a breeze.

Start with the first part of the course, the first footstool. Use a command like “up stool” and hold a treat on the thing. When he goes up to get it reward him. This will be so easy to teach you won’t even know it.

Next teach him “up couch” or something for jumping from the footstool onto the couch. As he jumps on it run with him to the other side of the couch. Since you’re crazy about having your Shiba Inu on your furniture praise him during the whole time.

Once he’s at the end of the couch use a treat to lure him on the other footstool and say “off couch” or something. Finally say the “off stool” command and lure him with a treat off the stool. The important part is that he stops at each part. He needs to control the jumps, not rush through them.

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