Turn Your Shiba Inu Into a Trickster With Freestyle Dance Moves

It’s time for some tricks. Your Shiba Inu has gone through the basic obedience commands you will need. He knows how to focus on you, come to you, sit, stay, wait for you and lie in a comfortable down position. It’s time to have some fun.

In this article we’re going to take a look at how to teach your dog to come directly in front of you and stand squarely in front of you, then use that to teach him to twist clockwise and counterclockwise.

To teach him twists and spins he must first know how to stand in front of you. It isn’t actually an absolute requirement but it makes everything much easier. So let’s delve right into it and see how you can position your dog exactly where you want him.

Position your Shiba Inu directly in front of you

You’re going to use the “Come to me” command to lure him into the correct position. Stand a fair way away from your Shiba and call him to you. As he’s closing the distance bend over a little bit and hold a treat in front of your legs.

Place that treat directly in front of his nose and, as he comes right in front of you give him the treat and add a command word, commonly “Front”. That’s all there is to it. It’s very easy to shape behavior once he knows how to obey you.

Now gradually straighten up and eventually use the treat only to reward his perfect positioning right in front of you. Furthermore you will leave out the “Come to me” part because “Front” means he needs to stand in that position wherever he might be.

Twist and spin your Shiba Inu to bliss

Twists are counterclockwise, spins are clockwise. We’ll use Spin as an example, but you can teach him both. However you’ll find that most dogs spin much better in one direction or the other, so try to find which one is more natural for your canine.

First get the dog in the Front position and hold a treat in your right hand. Now take a step backwards with the right leg and lure the dog with the treat into your right side. Continue luring him in a clockwise turn until he’s facing you again.

Don’t add the command word until he’s understood what he must do. Once your Shiba Inu is consistent with the motion; stop moving your leg back. Reward him whenever he comes back to facing you after a turn. Now you can start having him spin in whichever position you want, not just in front of you.

Twisting counterclockwise is exactly the same, only you hold the treat with the left hand and move your left leg back. Just go through the motions again and you’ll have him spinning and twisting in no time. Just remember that dogs don’t generalize concepts, so you’ll have to teach him again from scratch.

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