Complete Your Shiba Inu Basic Obedience Training With “Down” and “Come”

All training is supposed to be fun and entertaining. If it isn’t you won’t like it, and your Shiba most certainly won’t enjoy it. So grab the popcorn for you, treats for him and get ready to have some fun.

In this article we’re going to teach our Shiba Inu the “Down” and “Come” commands. Keep in mind that he doesn’t need to know sit and stay to learn down, but he needs to stay to learn come.

He doesn’t need sit for down because you’re not going to teach him Down from a sitting position. Unlike what many trainers do you’re going to teach him from a standing position. They say it’s easier for the dog, more natural. I say it’s terribly confusing to start mixing it up if he’s only recently learnt to Sit.

Another reason is that when you teach him Down from a sitting pose he’s only going to know how to do Down from a Sit. Well what happens if you want him to do Down from standing? And then you have to teach him all over again.

Teaching your Shiba Inu to go Down

He should be standing relaxed waiting for your new tricks. Grab a treat and hold it between his toes. He’ll go down to get it and, in the process, might bring his chest down to the ground. He might go directly into a down position. Whichever of the two, praise him and give him the treat.

If he doesn’t drop his chest start moving the treat towards his chest a little more. Sooner or later he’s going to drop to the ground, simply because it’s more comfortable. Having his chest on the ground is equivalent to a Down at this point. So praise and reward accordingly.

Reward partial success and work your way slowly into a complete down position. Don’t worry if it takes some patience, the position is very comfortable for your Shiba and he will arrive at it naturally. After he knows Down you can add stay exactly the same way you taught him Stay from a sitting stance.

Now let’s talk about how to teach your Shiba Inu to come on command

Shiba Inus are quite stubborn when it comes to obedience so expect some resistance with this one. You can use a long leash just to keep him focused on you. If you have taught him that good-old Watch me command, use that instead.

For the first few weeks you can use a second person to help you hold the dog while you move away. If he knows a reliable stay you can use that instead. However you move away from him, get him eager to come to you using a high, happy voice and stalling a little bit, such as “okay, Ready? Ready?”

Now call him with a clear, firm “Come”. Be happy, use a happy tone, and keep things upbeat and appealing. Squat down and clap. Do whatever you need to make him interested. When he comes to you praise him big time, at least 15-20 seconds because you’re very happy he came to you.

Probably the most common mistake people do after teaching their dogs to come is using a different tone. When you’re frustrated you can’t find him and you say “Come” in a bad-tempered tone he’s not going to come to you, you need to use the same, happy voice.

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