Complete Your Agility Course With Plunger Weave Poles

In this article we’ll go through teaching your Shiba Inu to run the Weave Poles and then putting it all together. Completing your agility course will give you a big bonus in variety in terms of what you can do with your Shiba Inu. But first, let’s get your dog ready for the final obstacle.

For the final agility obstacle, the Weave Poles, you’re using toilet plungers, new toilet plungers to be exact, spread 20 inches apart from each other so he has enough space. This obstacle is quite difficult and there is a lot of information on the best way to teach your dog to run the weave poles.

But let’s face it; you’re never going to reach competitive speeds in the living room. The idea is for your Shiba Inu to slalom through without touching them, as fast as possible.

You’re probably going to use the hallway since it has the most space. In competitive agility the dogs always start with the first pole on their left, so just go along with the idea.

Using plungers is a great idea that works on different levels. Because they’re not that tall you can just lure him through with a treat without ever changing hands or getting into uncomfortable positions.

Use a Weave command, which, again, can be any word you want. Use it for one plunger at a time, each time saying the word and rewarding him for going through it. The inherent repetitive nature of the obstacle makes it pretty easy to teach at a basic level.

Putting it all together, running a Complete Living Room Agility Course

He knows them intimately, he’s comfortable with each of them, and he’s ready for the whole thing. You’ve got your own agility course. You’ve got the hurdles spread around for those delightful jumps.

You’ve got the couch-walk ready to be invaded by fur. Your tunnels are set, turns and everything. And your weave pole plungers are ready for some weaving. Last but not least, the Shiba Inu is locked and loaded. On your marks, get set, Start!

Once you’ve got a taste of how much fun running your own agility course is you’ll definitely want to show your friends. And if they have dogs too you can invite them to run the course with their dogs too.

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