Teach Your Basset Hound to Find Your Keys

Basset Hounds have successfully used their sense of smell to provide food for his people for hundreds of years. Many people experience the frustration of having a dog that has to follow every little scent they pick up when walking their Basset Hounds. If they have such a good nose, why not put it to work?

Since you’re on the road to having your very own Basset Hound special ops scent hound operative it makes sense to give him as many scent powers as possible. One very fun game you can play is teaching him to find his favorite toy.

You’re going to be able to turn this game to other objects that interest you more than your dog, but for starters you need something that catches his attention naturally. So pick up his favorite toy or treat and get ready.

How to play “Where is it?” with your Basset Hound

To play this game you’re only going to need a piece of cloth and his favorite toy, at least at first. Simply take the toy and put it under the clothing, all the while letting your dog see it.

When it’s in position ask him “where is it”, the name of the game is what you’re going to do. When he digs around with his nose and finds it let him play with his toy and give him a treat.

After you repeat this for a couple of times he’ll catch on to what the game is about. It’s time to make the treat or toy a little harder to find. Put it somewhere in the room, hidden, but where it’s still accessible. For example stuffing it in a drawer is highly inappropriate.

Now you’re well on your way to working up to putting the toy anywhere in the room when he isn’t looking and he will still find it when you say “Where is it?” Once he’s mastered how to find his favorite item you can teach him to distinguish different objects by giving them names.

Next you can teach your Basset Hound to find your keys

If he already has the ability to find an item why not makes it a useful item for you? Teaching him to find your keys goes through the same process you would go with any object. So you can use the same training program for any item you want him to know about.

Start with the keys on the floor, in front of the dog. Show them to your Basset Hound and as soon as he sniffs around to see what you have there give him a treat and say this phrase “good keys”. He knows “good” means good, and now he will start associating “keys” with good.

From here on it’s simply a matter of putting the keys farther and farther, rewarding him every time he checks them out with treats and by saying “good keys”.

Probably the biggest key in this type of training, and perhaps the reason why many people don’t succeed is because they are not generous in their rewards. You have to remember, toys and the people he loves are already interesting to your dog.

Your keys aren’t all that fun. That’s why you need to up the stakes and reward him big time, because otherwise he’ll lose interest. Soon enough he’ll be showing you where the keys are and you’ll be off in no time. You’ll never have to go through that frustrating moment again.

You can train him to find different objects for you, however try not to teach him to grab them and give them to you, unless they are big enough so he doesn’t accidentally swallow them. In any case, have fun!

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