Basset Hounds Make Interesting Apartment Dogs

Basset Hounds make interesting apartment dogs for a variety of reasons. They were first seen around the 16th century. It’s possible there were Basset Hounds before that but it’s safe to say that’s when they really started to develop. They are believed to be the direct descendants of the blood hounds.

The Basset Hound was originally a hunting dog, like many types of apartment dogs we see today. They were used to hunt alone or in packs and they were perfect for it because of their keen sense of smell and their slow pace which allowed hunters to keep up with them.

The Basset Hound is a gentle breed and is very obedient and sweet. Their trademarks are their long, floppy ears and the eyes. They are well mannered and easily adaptable to other people or animals. The Basset Hound is very rarely aggressive.

They love being outdoors and they have a pack mentality through which they bond with their family deeply. This is the reason why they are so popular. They are good with children and they don’t bite. However because of their natural demeanor they are not very good either as watch or guard dogs.

Training a Basset Hound is not as easy as you think

It’s important to know that even though they are very sociable they are slow learners and stubborn when it comes to housebreaking. Usually they pick up a scent that they can’t let go of, and it’s difficult to teach them to ignore their best tool.

Therefore it is important to keep them on a leash when outside since they will not only start to trail off on a secret James Bond mission but they can actually run into danger without realizing it. For this reason it makes sense to start with the “come to me” command and make it a staunch part of his training.

Keeping a Basset Hound in an apartment is easy business

Basset Hounds don’t mind staying in an apartment since they are quite inactive when indoors. When inside the apartment they won’t be much of a bother and are happy to behave like couch potatoes. However there is an important issue you need to keep in mind.

I know they don’t look like it, but Basset Hounds are quite energetic and can spend hours running around outside. They obviously need sufficient exercise to keep them happy however there is an even more important reason to give them their playing time.

Basset Hounds are prone to obesity, and there are two things to do to keep that from happening. First of all make sure you don’t overfeed them. If you see your Basset Hound starting to gain weight cut back on the food and make sure you do the second most important thing. You’ve guessed it, it’s exercise. You may be thinking you don’t mind your dog being a tad bit fatter but obesity puts extra stress on their spine and, in time, they will develop lameness.

There’s no better (or easier) way to take care of your dog and keep him happy apart from the good old exercise routine. Basset Hounds are supposed to weigh between 45 and 65 pounds. They are susceptible to other health problems such as bloat, glaucoma and ear diseases. But a veterinary check every once in awhile will be enough to signal the onset of such problems.

One last thing, if you have people with allergies or are a person with dog allergy yourself getting a Basset Hound is not such a great idea. However he is an average shedder and is fairly easy to groom. Don’t forget to check their long ears periodically.


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