Walking Your Basset Hound on a Loose Leash is Easy

The old cliché question “are you walking your dog or is your dog walking you” tells you that you already have a problem. He is on a mission and you’re just following around. Don’t be the dope on a rope. It’s time to do something about it.

Basset Hounds are even peskier in this regard. Their nose will pull them everywhere and you’ll feel like you have no control over where he goes at all. In reality, walking on a loose leash is really easy. You might train your dog in as little as 5 minutes.

Some obedient dogs get it in as little as 30 seconds. But you’re not trying to speed-run through this, so don’t worry if it takes you a few days. A series of simple steps will make walking your dog so much easier you won’t believe what you used to go through.

How to walk your Basset Hound on a loose leash

Use a light 6 foot leash and a comfortable snap collar. You’re there; you’re standing with your dog ready to roll. Give the go command, anything from “Let’s go” to “Carpet” (remember, these are just labels, making them funny is going to evoke giggles from your friends), and start walking.

When he pulls turn the other way and say “let’s go” again just as the leash tightens. Don’t worry about getting the timing right, you’ll keep repeating this so you’ll get it right sooner or later.

He’ll turn around after you and start walking in your direction. If he runs ahead and starts pulling turn the other way and say “Let’s go” again (now imagine doing this with “carpet”). Now the second he stops pulling, in other words starts walking on a loose leash, give him an easy treat and tell him how good he is.

There it is: you’ve cracked the secret. The point is he will never ever get where he wants if he tries to pull you. On the other hand, keeping his eye on you is very rewarding.

An alternative way to start walking on a loose leash

Not that the first method won’t work, but you might feel you can’t get the timing right or whatever. No matter what problem you think you have, here’s an alternative way to do this with your Basset Hound.

Say “Let’s go” or whatever you chose for your go command and start walking. The instant he pulls, stop. He will likely keep pushing forward for a little while, to which you reply by simply standing still. When he stops pulling; start again. The instant he pulls you again you stop.

It’s very easy, when he pulls you stop. He pulls, you don’t go. He will quickly figure out that you’re in charge and if he wants to go on his walk he has to stick to you. And there you have it. Just keep stopping when he pulls and you’ll have him sticking by your side even if you have a 30 foot leash.

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