What Are Lap Dogs and Why Should I Get One

Lap dogs are generally small dogs. Some lap dogs have been bred for extremely small size, such as the Russian lap dog albeit extinct. Most lap dogs have a normal sized counterpart yet they show unmistakeable differences. The skull is normally the approximate size of a tennis ball, usually with a small muzzle.

Many lap dogs are bred to maintain puppy traits such as folded ears. There’s also a difference in body size. Shorter legs and larger heads in proportion to their bigger counterparts. In some way lap dogs have been bred to resemble human babies.

Nowadays lap dogs are very popular among apartment dwellers simply because they are a lot easier to manage due to their small size. However many people are unaware of how fragile they really are and don’t know that they can hurt themselves even if they just jump off the couch.

Why should I get a lap dog

Lap dogs have had numerous tasks in the past. They have been consistently used as pets, symbols or fashion accessories. Before that lap dogs had the interesting task of attracting fleas away from their owners. Some lap dogs had been initially bred for work, such as the terrier dog breeds.

You would want to get one of these types of dogs if you’re the type of person who likes to do a lot of sitting. Wherever you like to sit makes no difference. Lap dogs are made to sit in your lap and occasionally go out for a walk and play.

They like to devote their energy into keeping your lap warm. They are loving and caring companions and are very loyal their owner; and his lap. In truth not all types of dogs can do this. If you raise a Doberman or a Rottweiler like a lap dog he will think he can sit in your lap but it won’t really work. The issue is the dog’s weight, the maximum weight of a lap dog is around 25 pounds.

Should you consider the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is very energetic and active. Out of the popular lap dogs this dog breed is one of the most fun to have around. The Bichon loves to play and roll around and cuddle in your lap. It has great energy and serves to lighten the mood around the house whatever the timing.

He weighs in an approximate range of 11 to 18 pounds. He behaves very well with children and will go out and jog with you if you adapt to his pace. This is such a bouncy dog breed and looks cute enough to conquer anyone’s lap.

How about a Yorkie Terrier

The Yorkie Terrier is another energetic type of dog. Compared to the Bichon Frise he’s much smaller, only weighs between 5 to 7 pounds, yet just as playful. However the Yorkie is a lot feistier and might not seem too affectionate at times.

In addition he requires plenty of combing and brushing to keep his coat happy, as well as your carpets. He’s a sweet and playful dog but he tends to bark quite a lot. He does his job as a lap dog, hence the popularity of the dog breed.

The Yorkshire Terrier is fun to have and many people feel he’s the entertainer in the family. They like to play around and try new things. And they always show curiosity towards new tricks or fresh toys.

The lovely Shih Tzu is a classic choice

This dog breed is prefered by senior citizens. As far as weight is concerned he weighs a healthy 15 pounds, and he might feel like a punch on your lap sometimes. Yet his top qualities are his affection and his look. He loves to play and is very affectionate, yet he doesn’t need much exercise apart from the regular walk.

The Shih Tzu is an excellent companion and behaves well as a lap dog. He’s also very good with children and other pets, so long as they’re properly mannered. He also has a long lifespan of 15 years.

The quiet and gentle Italian Greyhound to wrap up

The Italian Greyhound is a very small dog, weighs between 7-14 pounds, and must be handled gently. The dog behaves well among children but can easily break her legs around bigger kids or other pets. This dog is a high speed hunting dog, used since ancient times.

The Miniature Italian Greyhound is trainable but is a tad slow. You will need to persevere and keep repeating until he gets it. The dog is affectionate and is timid towards strangers. He bonds well with family and children.

There are many other types of dogs that do well as lap dogs, but the question – which is the best lap dog – may come short of an answer. Every breed is different and suitable for different people. Only you can say what is the best lap dog for you.


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