What is the Best Companion Dog Breed

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because, for a very long time, they have been performing important tasks and coordinating with humans in order to accomplish different goals like hunt for food, protection etc. Companion dog breeds are types of dogs that don’t do any intricate work. Their job is to be your pet and companion.

Some dog breeds have been changed to become companion dogs. For example, the Pomeranian was initially a sled dog, large and powerful. However he has been downsized into the small companion dog he is today. In truth any dog breed is fit to be a companion dog if he isn’t bred and trained for a specific purpose.

Retrievers are great hunting dogs, full of energy and strong skills in the hunting department. Yet their friendly nature makes them well appreciated even as apartment dogs. This goes to show that a dog breed doesn’t have an inherent tendency to do a job and completely trunk another.

There are many dog types that are popular as companion dog breeds. Generally smaller breeds are raised as companion dogs but bigger dogs, even huge dogs like the Great Dane, are also excellent in this department. People want easy to train, affectionate dog breeds that fit their lifestyle and exercise needs.

In reality companion dogs are service dogs assigned to people with disabilities. This way businesses have to allow people with disabilities to bring their companion dogs with them. You need to register your dog as a companion dog in order to take him with you in public places.

Great Dane’s are very large and have quite outstanding feeding costs. They are very gentle and affectionate and resemble an elephant-mouse situation. Unfortunately Great Dane’s have a very short lifespan of about 7 years. Other common companion dog breeds are the Weimaraner, Pomeranian, Pug, Golden Retriever and Doberman.

How to register a companion dog

In order to certify a companion dog first you need to get him registration papers. You can get proper registration papers at the American Kennel Club, or many other breeds clubs. Every organisation goes through it’s own process to register a dog. However every process starts with documentation from the owner of the parents of your dog.

First file the litter registration papers. You should have gotten them when you got the puppy. Gather copies for the registration of both the parents of the dog and submit it to the aforementioned American Kennel Club. You can register the dog in the Purebred Alternative Listing or in the Indefinite Listing Privilege. Please note that dogs from shelters or rescue groups, who don’t have adequate papers are ineligible for registration.

How to certify a companion dog

Now that you got your registration papers you need a valid dog licence from Animal Care and Control. If your dog is up to date in rabies vaccination everything should be in order. Not you will need a letter from your physician to explain your need for a companion dog.

You will need proof that the dog would aid you, in the medical opinion of your physician. Once you have that contact Animal Care and Control and explain that you want a tag that certifies your dog as a companion dog.

Many people misunderstand the term companion dog. They use it when they refer to their pets. In actuality registered companion dogs are service dogs assigned to people with disabilities. Yet every companion dog breed is a great pet breed.


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