What are the Best Types of Dogs For You

You might be wondering what types of dogs make the best pets. Well the answer isn’t very simple, it all depends on you. Whether you’re living in a house with a yard or an apartment, whether or not you have a park nearby. How much time do you want to spend with your dog.

What size do you prefer, in a dog. Do you want a low-shedding dog, do you have children. All of these things are crucial when selecting what are the best types of dogs for you.

Most people prefer purebred types of dogs

There are many reasons to prefer a purebred dog. If you were raised around a certain dog breed you will feel an affinity towards them. You might choose a dog based on breed research. You might just decide you like how he behaves and you have to have him.

But there are also many reasons to choose mixbred dogs. Not only are they different from anything you’ve seen in any purebred dog, combining two or more breeds often protects the dog from both of the breeds health problems, ensuring longer life and less problems altogether.

What size should your dog have

Unless you have your mind set on something like a lap dog or on a gargantuan breed it’s probably best to go with medium-sized dogs. If you get a small dog type he’s likely frail and vulnerable to physical injury. Thus he might not be the best choice if you have a child. Also, if you’re living in a cold climate keep in mind that smaller dogs are more susceptible to problems in cold places. Either constantly keep an eye on them or just get a bigger dog breed.

Larger dogs will need more exercise and more space to go around. However this isn’t necessarily a thumb-rule since the huge Great Dane is perfectly happy sitting on the couch all day provided you take him out to exercise. One interesting thing is that larger dogs can hurt their tail if there’s not enough space around when wiggling. A peculiar, yet interesting thing to remember.

What is your activity level

First of all there are no¬†dog breeds who don’t require some form of regular exercise. No matter how big or small, low-energy or lazy your dog is you still need to at least take him out for walks. If you’re feeling lazy or you don’t have time for at least one walk every day you’re better off with a low energy dog such as a Basset Hound.

Some dogs have so much energy they never seem to tire. If you like jogging, or other high-energy activities then you should consider a Golden Retriever or a Border Collie. One thing to remember that is validate for many types of dogs – if your dog starts barking a lot, scratching walls, digging in the yard or any other such behavior he most likely needs more activity. Be ready to adjust your exercise schedule to keep your dog happy.

Maintenance such as grooming is very important

Again, all types of dogs need grooming. Yet some dog breeds need much more than that. For dogs that rapidly grow hair it’s important to routinely groom their coat. Also note that most breeds that have short, smooth coat are big shedders.

Other things to look out for are things such as periodical ear cleaning, especially if you have a dog with long ears. How much drooling to expect is also important. Mastiffs do a lot of drooling. If you want one be sure to carry a piece of cloth to wipe the drool.

It’s up to you to decide what types of dogs are best for you. The best pet may either be a feisty Rottweiler or a fancy Pug. Just remember, even dogs within a breed are different. So even if the breed is supposed to be quiet you might get the loudest specimen ever.

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