Kinds of Dogs

Everyone knows there are many kinds of dogs out there. So when considering a new pet one would have to go through all of them to make an adequate decision. Then you would have to see if you can actually find the dog you’re looking for. Then you have to see if he’s healthy and comes from a good background.

It’s not an easy job to choose a new pet. Fortunately there are different kinds of dogs by way of the role they fulfill. The main kinds of dogs include: guard dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs, herding dogs and companion dogs. Let’s take a quick glance at each of them.

Guard dogs

Guard dogs, also known as watch dogs or attack dogs, are used to guard specific places from intruders. The dog needs to be able to discriminate between friendly and familiar people and unfriendly people such as thieves, burglars, etc.

Guard dogs have loud barks with which they alert the owner of the presence of an intruder. At this point the job of a watch dog is over. A guard dog is also capable of attacking and restraining an intruder. Dogs can be strong enough and large enough to fend off predators such as wolves.

The most common kinds of dogs used as guard dogs include Rottweilers, Dobermanns, Weimaraner, Great Dane and Irish wolfhound. Most of these dogs were initially hunting dogs but they have easily evolved into guard dogs due to their strength and territorial instincts.

Hunting Dogs

A hunting dog is a kind of dog bred to assist humans in hunting. There are many breeds fit to this type of activity, while some work best to hunt small game like rabbits and racoons some can even hunt large predators such as bears.

Common breeds for this kind of dog include Whippet, Retrievers, Spaniels even some Terriers. Hunting dogs can be further classified into hounds, terriers, dachshunds and gun dogs.

Sled Dogs

Of all kinds of dogs Huskys are probably the most famous sled dogs. These dogs are specially trained to pull a dog sled through harnesses and lines. Nowadays there are even competitions with sled dogs. There are 2 important qualities that are to be expected in sled dogs: speed and endurance.

Several breeds are used as sled dogs. The Alaskan Husky denominates a category of dogs, it’s not a breed by itself. Common sled dog breeds include Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Inuit, Eurohound, Labrador Husky and Mackenzie River Husky. There are others such as the Siberian Husky that were bred as sled dogs but nowadays are mostly family pets and show dogs.

Herding Dogs

These kinds of dogs are used to herd cattle. The main characteristic of these breeds is the ability to be trained to act on a whistle or a word. They are also known as working dogs.

Different kinds of dogs have different herding behavior. For instance the Australian Cattle Dog and the Welsh Corgi nip at the heels of animals. They are also known as heelers. Other breeds, most notably the Border Collie, get in front of the animals and stare down at them. They are also known as headers.

Companion Dogs

Probably the most popular kinds of dogs. They don’t work a special job, they are just pets. They are trusty pets and any dog can be a companion dog. Don’t mistake working dog types such as retrievers for being just that. Their friendly nature make them excellent as companions.

The most popular companion kinds of dogs are mixed breed dogs. This is because many pure breeds have problems either with health, weight, temperament or others. By mixing two or more breeds many of these problems solve each other from the start.

All in all there are many kinds of dogs and they are used for many jobs besides just pets. When deciding what dog is best for you this classification will give an idea into the many different breeds out there.


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