What Types of Bull Dogs are There

Bulldog breeds include over a dozen types of dogs. Their origins are from the Bull and Mastiff types of dogs, though exactly where and how is unclear.

The modern breeds are all in close relationship with the original characteristics of the oldest bulldogs. Bulldogs are quite hard to raise and many people underestimate this challenge.

The breed is quite popular and it’s distinctive look will make people instantly recognize your dog wherever you are. They are fun if you can raise them right.

How many types of bull dogs are there

There’s too many types of dogs to talk about here, especially if you include sub-breeds. For example the American Bulldog used to have 3 recognized types, however today you can safely say there are 5 types of American Bulldogs. It goes to say how well organized and complex the canine world is today.

However the Bulldog breeds also include the bull terriers which number 7 more dog breeds to talk about including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Miniature Bull Terrier. Let’s have a look at a few of these types of Bull dogs.

The English Bulldog has a long learning curve

Many dog owners decide that an English Bull dog is too much after a few years, so the puppies end up in animal rescue. While they are adorable to look at the English Bull dogs have a steep learning curve. This means your puppy will try to chew on anything and it’s a bit of a bother for many people.

Today the English Bulldog is famous as a show dog and as a loving companion dog. Bulldogs come from fighting types of dogs, therefore you would expect them to retain aggressiveness and tenacity. Albeit a few traits in personality they are much more hospitable and tolerable than their ancestors.

English Bulldogs make good apartment dogs because they have willpower and don’t bark to complain about anything. They only bark when there’s a good reason to. They are not demanding and patient animals, well suited for life in an apartment.

The Banter Bulldogge working dog breed

Unlike the English Bulldog the Banter Bulldogge is a working dog, athletic and muscular. He gets his name from his temperament, always eager to alarm with barking and he seems to get a special satisfaction from scaring tresspassers.

They are good watchdogs and also fulfill the role of a guard dog if need be. That is, they are not the best guard dogs but you can rely on them should the occasion arise. They need a good level of workout to be satisfied, although they tend to be more placid indoors. They learn easily and are smart enough to make the difference between friends and strangers.

The American Bulldog is divided into 5 types

Formerly there were three types of American bulldogs – the Johnson (or Classic), the Scott (or Performance) and the Hybrid. However these types of dogs are now extended into two more. The Margentina (or Painter) and the Old Southern Whites. However most dogs are hybrids between two or more of these types of bulldogs.

Each of them has distinctive characteristics. For example the Scott type can weigh up to 45 kg while the Painter type is smaller in size and weighs between 25 and 35 kg. Unfortunately these types of dogs have been used in dog fighting.

Overall there are 14 recognized types of Bull dogs, not including the bull terrier types. These dogs are good family dogs, complacent and attached to their owners. They do require more training than other types of dogs but are great dogs nonetheless.

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