What are the Different Types of Boxer Dogs

Boxers are robust types of dogs. They have a directly proportionate head compared with their body, strong jaws with an under-bite and a short muzzle. Generally their eyes are a dark, shiny brown. Their ears are normally left natural and they lay forward close to the head.

Boxers should have a strong neck without a dewlap. their legs muscular and should be parallel. The tail gets a bit of play as the AKC penalizes natural tail, while Europe is keen on prohibiting tail cropping. The Boxers coat comes in many colors, from black and tan to fawn with white markings. Even white coated Boxer dogs are possible though they might not be registrable with some clubs.

Are there different types of Boxer dogs

Yes there are, new breeds are formed by crossing a pure breed with other breeds to form new variations. This is also true with types of Boxer dogs. The most common Boxer dogs are brindled dogs. Before, Boxers were regarded as purebred if they had white coat as per the German Boxer Klub.

However these types of dogs have remarkable intuition and intelligence, so they started seeing use as police service dogs. However they hit a roadblock in night or stealth missions, since most had a white coat. Thus the brindled Boxer became more popular.

Today white Boxers are much rarer, and costlier, than a darker colored Boxer. The scale has tilted, the dice has cast and the brindled Boxer stands favored. In fact only 20-25% of the types of Boxer dogs are white. This goes to show how usefulness grants longevity in a dog breed.

What are the different types of boxer dogs

Apart from brindled and white types of Boxers there are also miniature Boxers as well as Boxer bulldogs.

Miniature Boxer dogs don’t have an established reputation in the canine world as of yet. In case you’re wondering how miniature dogs are bred – it’s done by repeatedly breeding the smallest members available.

In general one puppy will be smaller than the parents, in time resulting in a miniature type of the dog breed.

Boxer Bulldogs – more bull, less Boxer

The Boxer is a cross breed between the Brabanter Bullenbeisser and the English bulldog. Cross breed the Boxer with a Bull Terrier, for example, or any other bull breed and you get a bull Boxer dog. There is a slight change in the appearance of the bull Boxer, just slight. However the real difference is in the behavior. Compared to the Boxer the bull breed is more mature and more patient towards strangers, animal or otherwise.

Boxers are highly energetic, happy types of dogs. They are very intelligent and learn new tasks quickly. Boxers have a good reputation with children, and they are relatively tolerant to other pets such as cats. Boxers are protective in nature, and they are good guard dogs. But they need proper leadership in order to avoid temperament deficiencies.

Health issues are quite common in Boxers. They are prone to heart problems and skin allergies. Sometimes they even get epilepsy. The dog is prone to more diseases as he progresses in age. They are more likely to develop tumors and cancer.

Overall Boxers are kind types of dogs, energetic and highly entertaining. They tend to use their paws for most of the things they do; in that they are similar to cats. But Boxers are strong and confident, and they make good guard dogs because of their strong sense of property.

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