How Many Types of Terrier Dogs are There

Terriers are types of dogs that belong to any of the breeds included in the terrier type. Terriers are divided into categories based on size and job. There are 3 general types of terrier dogs and each of these groups have several composing dog breeds.

Terriers are normally small, very active and brave dogs. However the breeds vary in size from 2 pounds to over 70 pounds. Terriers are very popular dogs because they also vary in other characteristics such coat styles from smooth coated dogs to rough coated-dogs, with even hairless breeds derived from the Rat Terrier.

What types of Terrier dogs are there

The 3 recognized types of Terrier dogs are: working Terriers, toy Terriers and bull type Terriers.

Working Terrier dogs are small for a reason

The job of a working terrier is to hunt game that humans can’t follow. Specifically working terriers are bred to follow the red fox in their underground burrows. His job revolves around identifying the quarry of the fox, and then use several means to either flush it out or trap it and allow hunters to dig it up and capture it.

For this reason working terriers have to be small dogs, no bigger than the prey they are supposed to hunt. If they were any bigger they couldn’t fit in the burrows. Because they are so small they often weigh less than the game itself. They are also used to hunt European badgers which are of similar size as the red fox.

Toy Terriers includes several dog breeds

Toy Terriers, just as any miniature dogs were bred down from larger breeds. The most popular breeds in this category are the English Toy Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. Both of the breeds retain a terrier character and are generally not very submissive, which is why they don’t fit in the lap dog category.

English toy Terriers are only permitted a black coat with tan markings on the legs and upper body. Their walking pattern must look like a trot. They should be a foot high and around 3 kg in weight. By contrast Yorkshire Terriers usually weigh and measure half that.

Bull and Terrier types of dogs are currently under the gun

The Bull and Terrier is a cross breed between the English Bulldog and Terrier dogs. These types of dogs have been bred with the purpose of hunting and dog fighting in mind. Their anatomy is well suited for these tasks.

Today pit bull terriers are battling laws and bad reputation that could bring their extinction. Because the dogs are bred for fighting there have been numerous reports of attacks on people and they are regarded more and more as dangerous dogs.

However more and more events are being organized in order to help these types of dogs and prove that it is only their mistreating that causes accidents to happen, not an inherent disability in the dog breed.

Terriers are versatile types of dogs that are great at accomplishing certain tasks. Some types of Terrier dogs are popular companion dogs, such as the Yorkshire Terrier because of their friendly and high-spirited personality.

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